Four Ways to Boost Customer Experience

schedule 01 Sep 2016

Delivering great customer experience will soon determine the longevity of a business. But what does customer experience really entail in today’s world? Offering quality products and services is already an expected threshold but to generate value, drive loyalty and beyond require doses of great customer experience throughout the purchase funnel.

Here are four ways for businesses to boost customer experience:

Analyse Customer Behaviour
Selling products online is not something fantastic anymore. It is essential to study your website’s traffic data to understand customers better. Analytics tools such as Google Analytics can help businesses unearth specific information about customers.

For instance, it can tell the geographic location of a buyer, his interests, what influences his purchasing decisions, how he wants to engage with business and products, content consumption habits and much more. When it comes to enhancing customer experience by literally understanding and knowing them, analytics can be a game changer for organisations.

Empowering Customer Service Staff
It’s true that poor customer service is the root cause of low levels of customer experience. Hence, businesses should arm their customer service teams with tools that give them greater control over a service outcome. Take for instance, online chat tools. These tools can help customer service representatives have more control over a customer’s buying journey. When a customer raises specific questions about a product or solution, a service agent can reply with customised information to make the buying experience more valuable.

Another great tool is video-enabled remote support. Imagine catering to a customer who is trying to fix a printer, with video remote support, it allows your service agent to literally see the printer on a smart device. It is so much simpler for both the service agent and the customer to rectify the problem as it eliminates the need for vague and time-consuming instructions over the phone or searching for an answer over the internet.

Don’t Stop After a Sale
Post-sales service is highly underrated. Keeping in touch with customers even after selling a product can be extremely beneficial for business. It significantly increases the number of returning and loyal customers. It also helps to loop in more buyers as good post sales service can motivate existing customers to refer your brand to others.

For instance, if you are an e-commerce company, sending notifications regarding parcel location, or its shipping status and notifying customers about delays in delivery can immensely impact customer experience. Customers feel valued and it can maximize and prolong customer retention.

Introduce Cashless Payments
A report by AllianceDBS Research has found that the demographics in Malaysia point to a growing demand for superior technology as the country has a relatively young population, and they prefer cashless transactions.

A mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution can be of great help here. All your organisation needs to do is to be equipped with an mPOS device, which can be used to conduct sales transactions at your customer’s doorstep. It’s a win-win for both parties. Your business gets paid quicker and more importantly the customer will be happy as he does not have to worry about having to carry enough cash.

Add these four to your customer experience kitty and you can be assured that you have ticked all the boxes in boosting customer experience!



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