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Adapting to a New Normal

It’s business unusual. In these challenging times, many businesses were forced to endure unfavourable circumstances. Some say it’s better to hunker down for the long haul. But we say: take this opportunity to rise up stronger than ever.

Keeping you connected and informed in these trying times is our commitment. Here are three ways Maxis can support your business:

Step 1
#KitaSapotKita business tips:

Learn how businesses are adapting to new challenges.

Step 2
Meet the Help Squad:

Get personalised
advice on reviving your business.

Step 3
Boost your business:

Explore ways to fund your business restart.

 Step 1: #KitaSapotKita business tips
See how businesses have adapted to – and overcome – the myriad of challenges forced upon them during this uncertain economic climate.

Step 2: Meet the SME Help Squad
Get personalised advice to restart your business.

Ready to take action? We know that getting your business back on track fast will be challenging - be it learning more about digital marketing, or upskilling your employees.

That’s why we’ve put together a collection of FREE guides for you, so you can develop your very own business recovery strategy. Topics covered include:

  • COVID-19 financial aid guide for SMEs
  • Tips on applying for PRIHATIN
  • 3 steps to get your business online
  • Online marketplaces: All you need to know to start selling
  • How to improve your chances of getting a business loan
  • 10 things SMEs must do now to reduce costs and improve cash flow
  • Upskilling employees: What skills to focus on and what are best resources?
  • How to benefit from MDEC’s SME Digitalisation Grant
  • Food delivery services: What you need to know to get started

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We’re ready to help you get your business back on track fast.
Our team is standing by to answer your questions.

Step 3: Boost your business
Explore solutions to accelerate your business restart.

Maxis eCommerce

Elevate your online business with a full suite
of solutions that includes webstore setup,
digital marketing, and web analytics.

Digital Advertising

An end-to-end eCommerce solution
to help driveonline revenue.

Maxis mWorkforce

Enhance your mobile workforce’s
productivity, efficiency, and accountability.


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