ONEBusiness Voice

A range of internet-based fixed voice solutions that runs
on your ONEBusiness Fibre connection to help your
business save up to 40% of your fixed phone bill.


Benefits of ONEBusiness Voice

Up to 40% savings

Up to 40% savings

Free Maxis to Maxis voice calls (fixed/mobile), shareable minutes to other networks, and savings on equipment costs.

Worry-free transition

Worry-free transition

Experience an easy transition from your current fixed voice provider, with supported onsite provisioning.

Flexible and scalable

Flexible and scalable

Add as many fixed voice lines as your business requires.

Find out which ONEBusiness Voice plan
is right for your business

ONEBusiness VoiceSIP
  • Do you have an existing IP PBX that supports SIP Trunk?

  • Do you want to self-manage and have full control of your own IP Telephony System?

  • Are you looking for an on-premise solution?

  • Are you a contact centre with multiple agents and a high volume of inbound and outbound calls?

  • Are you replacing an obsolete legacy PBX with a new IP PBX?

Sign up to enjoy enterprise-grade SLA and 24/7 customer service, while managing high volumes of calls with ease.

ONEBusiness VoiceConnect
  • Do you lack the internal capability to manage or maintain your own IP PBX system?

  • Are you looking for a scalable solution that can add phone lines as your number of employees grows?

  • Do you want to enjoy free interbranch calls within your company without having to invest in an IP PBX?


Sign up to enjoy an easy-to-use system that is fully scalable according to your company’s needs.


Want to know more?

Contact us at 1700-81-8881 to get the right ONEBusiness Voice plan for your business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I have an internet connection from another provider. Can I subscribe to the Maxis ONEBusiness Voice solution?
No, you have to be subscribed to a Maxis ONEBusiness Fibre/DIA/MPLS internet connection to be eligible for this solution.

Can I transfer or port my existing fixed line number (03, 05 etc.) to Maxis ONEBusiness Voice?
Currently, fixed numbers are not portable and cannot be transferred to ONEBusiness Voice, ONEBusiness VoiceConnect or ONEBusiness VoiceSIP lines. However, you can choose a new fixed voice line number with your state prefix (03, 05 etc.).

In which scenarios are ONEBusiness VoiceConnect and ONEBusiness VoiceSIP suitable for my company?
ONEBusiness VoiceConnect is suitable for customers who are looking to use a business grade fixed voice solution without having to purchase and maintain their own telephony system.

ONEBusiness VoiceSIP is suitable for customers who have their own on-premise IP PBX system and want to connect it to a SIP trunk to enable them to receive inbound and outbound calls. Customers who are replacing their traditional PBX system may also subscribe to ONEBusiness VoiceSIP.

Can my existing business telephone number be used with Maxis ONEBusiness VoiceSIP or ONEBusiness VoiceConnect?
Yes, but only if your existing business telephone number is a Maxis number.

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