Cloud Computing

Optimise your network operations by leveraging on the flexibility
of our cloud computing solution.

It’s everything you need on the cloud

IT infrastructures are vital for any business to operate efficiently in order to stay competitive. However, expensive hardware can be too costly and cumbersome to maintain.

With Maxis Cloud Computing services, we will help your business stay agile by lowering costs and accelerating business growth.

Our cloud computing solution delivers IT services straight from the cloud via the Internet; giving you access to all your processes and data on any device, anywhere.

Only minimal installation are required, without any expensive hardware. Plus, just pay as you use.

Zero Costs

Zero Costs

No costly investments or hidden charges on your monthly bills. Best of all, set up is quick and easy. 



Comes with security and anti-virus features so you know where your data is safely secured in the cloud; in Malaysia’s first Uptime Institute Tier III-certified data centre.



Pick and choose the hardware and software that’ll meet your needs; no matter how big or small your business is.

Wondering what a Tier-III certified data centre is?

Conducted by industry experts, this certification authenticates our data centre’s commitment level as well as to verify the policies and procedures that are actually carried out.

The Uptime Institute provides education, publications, consultation, certifications, independent research and thought leadership for the enterprise data centre industry.

Through the development of a tiered classification, a common benchmarking standard was established. These data centre tier certifications are the standard guiding design and investment for data centres globally. 

Tier I
Composed of a single path for power and cooling distribution, without redundant components, providing 99.671% availability.

Tier II
Composed of a single path for power and cooling distribution, with redundant components, providing 99.741% availability.

Tier III
Composed of multiple active power and cooling distribution paths. However, only one path is used, with redundant components and is concurrently maintainable, providing 99.985% availability.

Tier IV
Composed of multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, all with redundant components and being fault-tolerant, providing 99.995% availability.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Our IaaS uses high-end servers and Hard Disk Drives (HDD), housed in our Tier III-certified data centre, at a tiny fraction of their cost. No huge investments in hardware or the need to manage a team of IT professionals - just let us handle it for you.



Need additional resources?

1 Central Processing
Unit (CPU)





RM50 for 50GB


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