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Your one-stop mobile card payment solution.

Business Beyond Your Four Walls

With Maxis mPOS, you can take your business straight to your customers. Perform debit/ credit card sales on the spot securely
and receive funds into your account the next day – all with a small device that fits nicely in your pocket.

Sign up for your very own mPOS from as low as RM22/mth with Maxis Business or Maxis Business Postpaid.


Worry Free

Worry Free

Always-on, fully integrated secure payment terminal with a lower transaction fee.

Real-time Reporting

Real-time Reporting

Get easy access to your daily sales report and history anytime, anywhere.

Faster Checkout

Faster Checkout

Improved speed of checkout with contactless capability.



No upfront payment required, just deal with a single point of contact for your end-to-end application process.

How does it work?

Step 1
Press any button to start, then select 'Card Sale' and enter the transaction amount.

Step 2
Allow the customer to insert, swipe, or tap their card on the card reader.

Step 3
Ask the customer to enter their PIN or sign on the display, then press 'OK'.

Step 4
Customer may enter their phone number or email address to receive a receipt via SMS or email.

Get special rates for mPOS with 
Maxis Business or Maxis Business Postpaid

Any Maxis Business plan/
Maixs Business Postpaid
Monthly Payment


Calls and SMS

As per base plan


As per base plan
Any other Maxis Enterprise plan
Monthly Payment


Call and SMS



With IoT SIM
Monthly Payment


Call and SMS  



  • Each mPOS card reader comes with a 1-year warranty and replacements are available at RM500 per unit.
  • Subject to approval of the merchant card service by the processing bank.
  • Prices shown may be subject to service tax.
  • All plans above offer an mPOS card reader that is contactless-ready.
  • The mPOS card readers for the "Any Maxis Business plan/ Maxis Business Postpaid" and "Any other Maxis Enterprise" plans are Bluetooth-enabled.
  • All of the plans above entitles you to gain access to the merchant portal in order for you to easily keep track of all your transactions
  • Only subscribers of the "Any Maxis Business plan/ Maxis Business Postpaid" and "With IoT SIM" plans are able to enjoy unlimited mPOS transactions.
  • The "With IoT SIM" plan offers you to standalone card reader that comes with an IoT SIM and is able to offer domestic roaming services.

User Guide

Download the user guide to learn how to set up and use mPOS on your device and navigate around the merchant portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Bluetooth mPOS and the standalone mPOS plans? Which is more suitable for my business?

If your business requires you to be mobile and always on-the-go, it is recommended that you take the standalone mPOS. This plan is RM62/month and comes with an “Always On” Maxis IoT SIM that provides you with constant connectivity and zero downtime.

What is the difference between RM22/month and RM42/month plans? Are the devices any different?
There is no difference. Both plans come with a Bluetooth mPOS that are “Paywave” enabled. The RM22/month plans are for customers who have signed up for our Maxis Business or Maxis Business Postpaid plan. However, if you do not intend to take up any Maxis Business or Maxis Business Postpaid plan, you may still subscribe to the mPOS package at RM42/month.

Are the devices capable of processing all Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, and CUP cards?
The mPOS device can accept Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards.

What is "Unlimited data for mPOS transactions"?
If you perform mPOS transactions using a Maxis line stated in the rate plan, it will run at full speed and your data will NOT be throttled even if your data quota has been used up. This ensures that your mPOS transactions are seamless at all times.

What happens if a customer keys in the wrong email address or phone number for the e-receipt?
The system is not able to validate the authenticity of the email address or phone number. The system will only validate the format of the email address and the phone number. Therefore, the e-receipt will be sent to the email address or phone number entered into the system, whether it is correct or not.

Is there a function to resend the e-receipt?
Yes, there is a function for you to resend the e-receipt. Please go to Menu on the mobile app and select: Sales History > Select Transaction > Resend Receipt.

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