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Maxis Managed UC (Microsoft Teams) Frequently Asked Questions


In which scenario will Maxis Managed UC (Microsoft Teams) be suitable for my company?

  1. Your organisation is using a Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E1 (or better) license. You may subscribe to the following Maxis packages:
    1. Teams Phone System if you are currently subscribed to a Microsoft Office E1, E3, A1 or A3 license.
    2. Teams Calling if you are currently subscribed to a Microsoft Office E5 or A5 license.
    3. Teams Collaboration Suite if you currently do not have an enterprise Microsoft Office 365 subscription.
  2. Your business users are on the move and need the flexibility to work from any location, particularly, outside of the office, at their convenience.
  3. Your existing PBX system needs a tech refresh, and you are considering moving to a cloud-based solution.

My Microsoft Office 365 license is currently subscribed through another provider (or Microsoft directly), can I still subscribe to Maxis Teams Calling, Teams Phone System and Teams Collaboration packages?
Yes, you can. During the ordering and provisioning stage, the admin for your existing Microsoft Office 365 license will need to accept the relationship link to enable Maxis to provision the fixed-line calling features. You will also be required to subscribe for one additional Microsoft Office 365 E1 license to set up a federated identity with Maxis.

I have an internet connection from another provider. Can I subscribe to the Maxis Managed UC (Microsoft Teams) solution?
You have to be subscribed to a Maxis internet service first before you can subscribe to Maxis Managed UC. You must switch to a Maxis fixed-line number to be able to make and receive calls through Microsoft Teams.

Can Microsoft Teams support regular IP phones?
Yes, it can. However, note that only Microsoft Teams certified IP phones are compatible.

Can Microsoft Teams support conference-type IP phones?
Yes, it can. However, note that only Microsoft Teams certified IP phones are compatible.

Can I transfer (port) my existing fixed-line number (03, 05, etc.) to my Maxis Managed UC (Microsoft Teams) solution?
Currently, fixed-line numbers are not portable and cannot be transferred to Maxis Managed UC (Microsoft Teams). However, you may choose a new fixed-line number with your state prefix (03, 05, etc.) to be included with your Maxis Managed UC (Microsoft Teams) solution.

Can calls and meetings be recorded in Microsoft Teams?
Yes. Simply click on the record button during the call to start and stop the recording.

Will my chat history be synchronised on my mobile and desktop app?
Yes, it will. This will allow you to communicate seamlessly between devices when you are on the go.

I want to keep my existing PRI or SIP trunk number from another network operator to receive incoming calls. Can this be done?
Yes, it can. You will need to subscribe to our Microsoft Teams hybrid deployment solution to address this requirement. Additional on-premise hardware (SBC) will be required to integrate your existing incoming PRI or SIP trunk to Microsoft Teams, and you will be required to subscribe to Maxis on-premise SIP trunk for outbound calls.

What are the domestic calls rates for Maxis Managed UC (Microsoft Teams)?

  • Free Maxis-to-Maxis calls
  • 7 sen/min to other networks
  • 4 sen/min for local fixed calls

What are the international call rates for Maxis Managed UC (Microsoft Teams)?
IDD call rates start at RM0.08 per minute (6 second call blocks) to China Fixed and Singapore. For other IDD destinations and call rates, please click IDD FAQ here

Can I set a pilot number to be shown when I make outbound calls using MS Teams?
Yes, you can. By default, the system will display your DID (direct inward dialling) number, which would enable the recipient to reach you directly.

Does Microsoft Teams allow conferencing with users outside my organisation?
Yes, it does. However, this might change depending on your company's IT policy on conferencing with external parties.

I am currently on Skype for Business which is also a collaboration tool from Microsoft. Why should I switch to Microsoft Teams?
Microsoft will be phasing out Skype For Business in 2021. The replacement for Skype for Business is Microsoft Teams. Existing Skype for Business users should start planning for migration to Microsoft Teams as soon as possible.

Does Microsoft Teams support a receptionist telephony console to transfer calls?
Yes, it does. However, note that you will have to use a receptionist console that is certified by Microsoft Teams (e.g., AudioCodes receptionist console).

Can Microsoft Teams host PSTN audio conferences?
Yes, it can. You have to obtain an additional license (Microsoft Audio Conference) license to enable this feature. This feature allows participants calling from any telephone number to dial into an audio conference bridge hosted by Microsoft Teams.

Can Microsoft Teams integrate with my existing contact centre system?
Yes, but only systems certified by Microsoft Teams may be integrated.

Can I use my existing fax machine with Microsoft Teams?
Integration with an existing analogue fax machine will require additional on-premise hardware to be deployed, which may not be cost-effective.

You may want to consider getting a ONEBusiness VoiceConnect line that comes with an ATA to connect to your existing fax machine.

Can Microsoft Teams support video endpoints?
Yes, it can. However, note that only Microsoft Teams certified video endpoints are compatible.

How can I subscribe to Maxis Managed UC?
Contact your Maxis Account Manager or the Maxis Business Service Center at 1800 82 1919.