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IDD Saver Bundles for Maxis Business Postpaid plans

What are the IDD Saver bundles for selected Maxis Business plans?
IDD bundles offers IDD savings on premium IDD calls with three different types of bundles. Customers can enjoy free IDD minutes quota  which is refreshed every bill cycle:

  • IDD Biz Countries- 200 mins
  • IDD Asia Top 16- 120 mins
  • IDD Biz Top 25- 90 mins

What are the plans eligible for IDD bundles?
IDD Saver bundle is made available for the following rate plans:

  • Maxis Business Postpaid
  • MaxisONE Business
  • Maxis ONEBusiness Prime 78 / 188
  • Flexishare
  • ONEBusiness Flexi
  • ONEBusiness Office
  • ONEBusiness Smart

What will I be charged upon subscription to IDD Saver Bundle?
You will be charged RM30 in full on a monthly basis. There is no pro-ration on the charges. Any excess use beyond the free minutes from this IDD Saver Bundle will be charged as per the standard IDD rates.

I subscribed to the IDD Saver Bundle that gives me free minutes for IDD. For this month, I have only used a portion of the IDD bundle minutes. Can I carry forward my unused minutes in to next bill?
Rollover feature is not available for any IDD bundles. Any unused minutes for that month will be forfeited

I've utilized all the IDD bundle minutes from the subscribed bundle. Can I top up or buy additional IDD bundles on top of my current IDD bundle?
Yes, you can. If you have utilized your current IDD bundled minutes, you may opt to purchase a one time add-on IDD pass that offers you free minutes valid up to your bill cycle.