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Maxis Business Postpaid & Fibre

What is Maxis Business Postpaid & Fibre?

Maxis Business Postpaid & Fibre is an all-in-one business plan designed for business customers. It consists of

  • Unlimited Mobile Data on your mobile plans
  • A Business Fibre plan with Zero Downtime
  • Free Business Voice Go solution for 24 months
  • Free eSMS solution for 24 months
  • Free Secure Mobile solution for 24 months
  • Optional roaming monthly add-on to roam in 13 countries

Who is eligible to sign up for this bundle plan?
This plan is open for company registration for existing lines, new registrations, and port-ins. For Business Fibre customers, you will need to be currently on one of our eligible fibre plans.

How many lines can I sign up each Maxis Business Postpaid & Fibre plan?

You may sign up to a maximum of 8 mobile lines with 1 Business Fibre (including share lines).

If I am an existing Maxis mobile customer can I sign up for this plan?
Yes, you can. You can change your current mobile plan and sign up for our Business Fibre to enjoy unlimited data for your mobile lines.

If I am an existing Maxis Fibre customer can I sign up for this plan?
Yes, you can. You must be on one of our eligible Business Fibre plans (30Mbps, 100Mbps, 300Mbps, 500Mbps or 800Mbps) and sign up for our mobile plans.

What is unlimited data?
Unlimited data allows users to enjoy unlimited mobile data 24/7 . The data usage will NOT be deducted from your existing data quota.

I am currently using a Fibre service from another provider, can I switch my fibre service to Maxis?
Yes, you may change your service to Maxis Fibre with this promo offer.

What happens if I am not able to successfully install my business fibre?
If your Business Fibre installation is not successful, you will not be able to enjoy unlimited data.

What happens if I terminate my Business Fibre?
If you terminate your Business Fibre, you will not be able to enjoy unlimited data.

Monthly Roaming Pass
Who is eligible for the monthly roaming pass?
The monthly roaming pass with 24-month contract is offered to Maxis Business Postpaid 98, 128, 158 & 188 mobile plans.

What will I get for subscribing to this monthly roaming pass?
Subscribers of this pass will enjoy unlimited calls, SMS and 15GB per month in the 13 APAC countries.

How will I be charged for the monthly roaming pass?
The monthly subscription fee of this pass will be reflected in your bill monthly.

My mobile line is under my company’s account, can I request that the charges for this pass to be charged to a separate bill / my personal account?
No, if your mobile is a corporate line under your company, the pass will be charged to your company’s account and billed accordingly. You may refer to you company’s policy or person in charge for such purchase.

What are the countries covered by the monthly roaming pass?
This pass is applicable in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

What is monthly roaming pass and which countries are covered?
The monthly roaming pass is offered exclusively for Maxis Business Postpaid 98, 128,158 & 188 users. It comes with a 24-month contract and unlimited calls & SMS and 15GB of mobile data per month when you travel to Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

What if I suspend my line, what will happen to my subscription to this pass?
In the event your line is suspended during the 24-month contract, there will be no charge for your monthly subscription of this pass. However, the duration of the contract will not be extended despite the suspension.

What if I terminate the contract before the expiry of the 24-month contract?
A penalty for the termination of the monthly roaming pass subscription will be applied for the remaining months i.e. monthly fee of the pass x No. of remaining months on the contract.

Will I be informed on the monthly roaming pass subscription?
Yes, you will receive a SMS notification upon successful subscription of the pass. You will also receive a “Welcome SMS” upon arrival to any of the applicable countries.

What is the validity of the pass?
Your subscription to this pass is 24 months. A monthly pass will be activated for you and it renews monthly. Your subscription will end at 11.59pm Malaysia time on the last day of your subscription. You will be notified via SMS notification upon successful subscription of the monthly roaming pass. You will also receive a reminder SMS 1 month before the contract ends.

What if I finish the 15GB before the monthly renewal?  
You will receive an SMS notification when you’ve reached 100% usage of your 15GB. Subsequently, you may browse for free at reduced speed. To continue browsing at normal speeds, you may purchase a standard DataRoam Pass at RM38/day.

What are the types of call that would enjoy unlimited usage?
You can enjoy unlimited calls via direct dial for calls to mobile or fixed line in roaming country, back home in Malaysia and other countries. It is also applicable for calls via Roam120 dial pattern. Besides that, you can also enjoy unlimited incoming calls. To enjoy this feature, you must be registered on Maxis preferred roaming operator as stated in the Welcome SMS.

Who are the preferred network operators?

Country Preferred Operator
Singapore •SingTel
Brunei •DST
Indonesia •Telkomsel
Philipines •GLOBE PH
Myanmar •MPT
Cambodia •Cellcard
Laos •LaoTelecom
Thailand •AIS
Vietnam •VN Mobifone
China •China Mobile
•China Unicom
Hong Kong •HKCSL/HKT
Macau •CTM

Note: The preferred operators may change from time to time and the Welcome SMS will reflect the most up to date preferred operator(s).

What happens if I am not roaming on the preferred network operator and I make calls?
If you have subscribed to the monthly roaming pass, you will not be able to roam on the non-preferred network operator to ensure our customers do not experience bill shock. For any reason, if you managed to roam on non-preferred operator, your usages will be charged on normal rates.

Can I purchase the standard DataRoam Pass at RM38/day while I am subscribed to this monthly roaming pass?
Yes, you may. If you purchase a DataRoam Pass, the data of this pass will be used  first followed by the data on the monthly roaming pass.

Can I unsubscribe to monthly roaming pass during the contract period?
Yes, you may.