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Maxis Business Fibre



What is the new Maxis Business Fibre plan?
ONEBusiness Fibre will be renamed to Maxis Business Fibre. All plan features and rates remain the same.

What are the conditions to sign up for Maxis Business Fibre?
Maxis Business Fibre is open to all registered business customers whose premises are within our coverage area. You may head on over to https://www.maxis.com.my/en/business/products-and-services/fiber-coverage.html to check if your business address falls within our coverage area.

The following documents are required during the registration process:

  1. Form 9 & 49 or Form 12 & 49 (For your registered company)
  2. A Letter of Award (LOA) or Letter of Request (LOR) that should also be attached together with the photocopy of the Person in Charge’s National Registration Identity Card (NRIC).


I wish to switch from another service provider to Maxis Business Fibre. What should I do?
You may switch over to Maxis Business Fibre in 3 simple steps:

  1. Check your coverage at https://www.maxis.com.my/en/business/products-and-services/fiber-coverage.html.
  2. Contact your nearest Maxis dealer or account manager or just call us directly at 1 700 81 8881. 
  3. Select your preferred Maxis Business Fibre package and we will work to ensure that your Maxis Business Fibre service will be installed within 14 working days at your business premise once we have confirmed on the availability of the services at your business address.

However, please do be mindful of the following: 

  1. If your existing service is still within a stipulated contract period, you may be subject to an early termination fee or penalty by your existing service provider. 
  2. To ensure that your business has an uninterrupted Internet service, please do not terminate your existing service before the Maxis Business Fibre installation is completed at your business premise.


What are the available speeds and packages?
There are 5 speeds available for your business which are the 30Mbps, 100Mbps, 300Mbps, 500Mbps and 800Mbps plans.

For the 300Mbps, 500Mbps and 800Mbps plans, there are options for you to select specific packages with 1, 5 or 9 IP voice lines. Furthermore, you will also receive FREE Internet Security and 2 FREE WiFi mesh units.

The 100Mbps plan is the basic fibre Internet plan that comes with 1 unlimited IP voice line service while you’ll need to add RM10/mth for the 30Mbps basic fibre Internet plan in order to also enjoy the 1 unlimited IP voice line service.

You may also choose to add on additional business solutions on top of your chosen fibre Internet plan such as the Managed WiFi and Cloud Storage & Email business solutions.


How do I know which plan is suitable for my business?
We would recommend the Internet speeds based on the number of users that you have within your company, you may refer to the below as the general guideline:

Speeds Number of Internet Users
30Mbps 10 users
100Mbps 20 users
300Mbps 40 users
500Mbps 60 users
800Mbps 80 users


B. Installation 

When and how will the installation date be set up?
You will receive an acknowledgement SMS upon successful registration. We will then call you to arrange the installation within 48 hours after checking on the details of the coverage of the Business Fibre services in your area. After the installation appointment date has been successfully set, we will then share the full appointment details with you via SMS.


Can I choose my own installation date?
We will propose a few time slots for you and you may choose your preferred date and time based on our available slots.


What do I need to prepare prior to the installation?
Please get ready five (5) power outlets and some cash as charges may apply for cabling depending on the requirements at your business premise.


If I need to change and reschedule my installation, who should I call?
To re-schedule your appointment, you may send a WhatsApp message to +6012-215-2670 at least 5 (five) days before the scheduled date.


Should I need to reschedule my installation appointment, will there be any penalty imposed?
You are advised to re-schedule your appointment at least 5 (five) days before the scheduled date.  A penalty fee will be imposed on any re-scheduling after this date.


Do I need to be present on the day of installation? Can I appoint someone else at my company?
It is best for you to be present at your business premises during the installation. However, if you are unable to be present on the installation day, we highly recommend that one of your IT personnel is present during the installation as our Maxperts will help to set up your plan at your premises to help ensure that your network is configured appropriately.


Will there any reminder prior to my installation?
Yes, you will receive a call 4 days before the installation and a reminder via SMS 1 day prior to the installation. On the installation day, our installer will call contact you an hour before the installation. 


C. Additional Features and  Optional Add-Ons

What is a WiFi mesh and what does it for my office WiFi coverage?
The WiFi mesh is a device that helps you to expand your WiFi coverage range throughout your office and to eliminate any WiFi dead spots within your office. This is because high quality WiFi coverage throughout your office is important to keep your employees productive.

Two units of WiFi mesh are provided for FREE for all 300Mbps, 500Mbps and 800Mbps plans and you may add additional units of the WiFi mesh for only RM12.50/mth each.

 You may also add on a WiFi mesh if you opt for the 30Mbps and 100Mbps plans at the same price of RM12.50/mth each.


What is Internet Security?
The Internet Security business solution is a cloud-based solution which protects your Internet by preventing your employees from accessing inappropriate content online and to receive full protection from malicious website promoting malware, ransomware and other online threats.

All subscribers of the 300Mbps, 500Mbps and 800Mbps plan will receive the Internet Security policy for FREE as part of their package.


What is the Cloud Storage and E Mail Business Solution?
The Cloud Storage and Email solution is a business solution that allows you to access your documents anytime, anywhere with up to 1TB worth of cloud storage and 50GB of email storage. You can add-on this business solution on top of your Business Fibre plan for only RM22/mth.


What is the Managed WiFi Business Solution?
The Managed WiFi solution is a cloud based solution that lets you decide how much data and speed to allocate for employees and customers. It also comes with a customisable login page, and free setup. You can add-on this business solution on top of your Business Fibre plan for only RM80/mth. 


I am interested to get the Fixed IP Services for my Business Fibre plan, how may I do that?
You may upgrade to Business Fibre plan with Fixed IP with a new 24 month contract. The Fixed IP plans will require an extra fee of RM200/mth.


D. Plan Upgrade

I wish to upgrade my current Business Fibre plan. How can I do this?
Please contact your dealer or Account Managers. Alternatively, you may also call 1800-82-1919.


Will my Business Fibre contract be renewed when I upgrade my Business Fibre plan?
Your new Business Fibre plan will be renewed for another 24 months. To change or upgrade your plan, please contact your dealer/account manager or call 1800-82-1919. 


My BusinessFibre is still in contract, can I change to a new promo or plan?
To change or upgrade your current Business Fibre package, please contact your dealer/account manager or call 1800-82-1919 and they will advise you accordingly based on your existing contract as well as the benefits and the conditions of the new plan.


Can I change my plan any time?
Please contact your dealer/account manager or call 1800-82-1919 if you would like to change your plan and they will advise you accordingly.


E. Termination

How do I terminate my Business Fibre Internet service?
Please contact your dealer or Account Manager for termination. 


Are there any charges to request for termination?
There are no charges if your service has passed the contract period. An early termination fee will be charged if your service is still within the contract period.

There will be no penalty charge for termination after the contract period. However, you are required to settle any outstanding bills prior to termination.


Am I required to return the modem?
Yes, you are required to return the modem. Our Maxperts will collect the modem from your business premise. 


F. Maxis Managed Cloud Firewall

If I hosted my email with a third-party provider, does anti-spam or anti-phishing still apply?
Yes, as long as the email retrieval flows through your office broadband line. This is only applicable for premium service.


How can Cloud Firewall help boost my company productivity and optimise my bandwidth?
URL filtering and app control are part of our offering. We can help prevent users from visiting unproductive websites, throttling bandwidth for video streaming etc.


Why should I get Cloud Sandboxing?
Viruses and ransomware are getting more complex and advanced these days. Cloud Sandboxing is an advanced protection technique for preventing these advanced infections from penetrating your office system.


Does this Cloud Firewall protect against external hackers, botnets and denial-of-service attacks?
Yes, we have an intrusion prevention service to protect against hackers, botnets and DOS.


Does this package include antivirus for PC?
This package excludes antivirus software for PC. However, we have endpoint security products that serve the same purpose.


If I have a few branches, can I still subscribe to this package?
Yes, each branch will tag to one firewall depending on the connectivity plan.


Will I get regular reports?
Yes, reporting is available via Maxis Business Hub.


If I am using Maxis Cloud Firewall Gateway Antivirus, does it mean my PCs do not need antivirus?
Both PC and gateway antivirus are required. Gateway Antivirus will scan for viruses during web surfing, file downloads and email retrieval.


Is it possible for my company to set different profiles for different groups of users?
Yes, we allow granular policy setting by group, time, category of URL and application filtering. This is only applicable with VAS.


How do I configure the firewall rules (security policies) for my firewall?
With Maxis VAS product Managed Firewall Rules, you can raise 10 CR per month for the package. Maxis Managed Services team will configure the firewall rules for you.


I am a broadband customer. Can I set my own security policies upon purchase of the product?
No, Maxis has recommended standard policies for your firewall package. With Maxis VAS product Managed Firewall Rules, you can raise 10 CR per month for the package. Maxis Managed Services team will configure the firewall rules for you.


How long will it take for Maxis to configure my security policies?
We have a standard SLA: 3 working days for each CR requested.


How do I check the status of my firewall health, security policies and CR requests?
You will be given a login key to the Maxis Business Hub portal. The portal will show you a Security Dashboard displaying Firewall Health, Current Firewall Rules, CR status and Summary of Threats.


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