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Maxis Fixed Value IDD

How do I activate International Direct Dial (IDD) service?
During the service registration process, you can select Class Of Service (COS) - Allow Unrestricted calls which will allow you to call overseas from your Maxis Fixed/IP Voice service.  However, if you have selected other COS, please contact 1919 to change your COS level.

Do I need to pay any monthly fee for subscribing the IDD service on my service?
There is no monthly subscription fee for IDD service. 

Is there a specific dialing pattern that can be used to enjoy these value IDD rates?
No, there are no special dial pattern needed to enjoy these value IDD rates for VoiceConnect, VoiceSIP and Managed UC (Microsoft Teams). For VoiceGo services, to make outgoing calls, please remember to dial *9 followed by the destination no. There’s no additional special dial digit for making IDD calls, eg. *90065xxxxxx for call to Singapore.

How will I be charged for these IDD calls?
IDD calls will be charged on actual usage from time call is connected until the caller disconnects from the call.

How are IDD calls charged?
IDD calls will be charged in blocks of 6 seconds. IDD call rate is the same all day. A call to China fixed line number is listed as RM0.08/min, if you make a 6 seconds call, you will be charged RM0.01 (RM0.008 round up). If you make 10 seconds call, you will be billed RM0.02 for 2 blocks of 6 seconds. For a call to China mobile number listed as RM0.10/min, if you make 30 seconds call, you will be billed RM0.05.

What are the services that will enjoy these value IDD rates?

Region Country Fixed Mobile
Asia China  0.08 0.10
South East Asia Singapore  0.08
South East Asia Thailand  0.09 0.14
Asia Hong Kong 0.12
Asia South Korea  0.12 0.40
Asia Taiwan  0.12 0.36
Asia Japan 0.15 0.50
Europe UK  0.12 0.74
ROW US/Canada 0.14
Oceania Australia 0.14 0.66
Oceania New Zealand 0.14 0.86
ROW South Africa  0.54 0.70
South East Asia Indonesia  0.30 0.50
Asia India  0.30 0.60
Asia Nepal 0.40
Asia Pakistan 0.40
Asia Sri Lanka  0.60
South East Asia Phillipines 0.50 0.70
South East Asia Vietnam  0.60
South East Asia Myanmar 0.80
Middle East U.A.E  0.48
Middle East Saudi Arabia  0.80

Note : billable in 6 seconds block.