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Maxis Business Voice SIP


What is the new Maxis ONEBusiness VoiceSIP plan name?
Maxis ONEBusiness VoiceSIP plan will be renamed to Maxis Business Voice SIP.All plan features and rates remain the same.

I  have  an  internet  connection  from  another  provider.  Can  I  subscribe  to  the  Maxis Business Voice SIP solution?
You  have  to  be  subscribed  to  a  Maxis  Business  Fibre/DIA/MPLS  internet  connection  to be eligible for this solution.

Can I ‘transfer’ / ‘port’ my existing fixed line number (03, 05, etc) to my Maxis Business Voice SIP?
Currently, fixed numbers are not portable and cannot be transferred to Maxis Business Voice SIP lines. However, you can choose a new fixed line number with your state prefix (03, 05, etc) with your Maxis Business Voice SIP.

In which scenario will Maxis Business Voice SIP be suitable for my company?
Maxis Business Voice SIP is suitable for customers who has their own on-premise IP PBX system and want to connect it to a SIP trunk to enable them to receive in-bound and  out-bound  calls.  Customers  who  are  replacing  their  traditional  or  obsolete  PBX system  can  subscribe  to  Maxis  Business  Voice  SIP  when  they  purchase  their  new  IP PBX system.

My  IP  PBX  /  eSBC  /  Media  Gateway  is  not  listed  in  Maxis  list  of  equipment.  Can  I  still subscribe to Maxis Business Voice SIP?
We  recommend  that  a  Proof  of  Concept  (PoC)  to  be  conducted  to  demonstrate  and verify that Maxis SIP trunk is able to work with your equipment. This will be to identify any potential technical issues during PoC before actual implementation.

Where will the PoC be conducted for Maxis Business Voice SIP?
PoC will be conducted at the customer’s premise or at Maxis Lab test.

Can  my  existing  business  telephone  numbers  be  used  as  a  Maxis  Business  Voice  SIP service?
Yes, if your existing business telephone number used is a Maxis number.No,  if  your  existing  business  telephone  number  used  is  from  another  operator.  A  new Maxis Business Voice SIP Number will be provided to you. 

Can I use fax service on my Maxis Business Voice SIP Line?
Yes, you can. An  Analogue  Telephone  Adapter  (ATA)  is  required  to  connect  a  traditional  fax  machine to the voice service on an IP Network.