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Maxis Business Postpaid


How many Maxis Business Postpaid (S) bundles can I sign up for?
You may only sign up for 1 bundle per company.

How many lines can I sign up per bundle?
You may sign up to a maximum of 5 mobile lines per bundle (including share lines).

If I am an existing Maxis mobile customer can I sign up for this bundle?
Yes you can, you can change your current mobile plan to this new plan to enjoy the offer.

What is ONEBusiness Travel monthly pass and which countries are covered?
The ONEBusiness Travel monthly roam pass are offered exclusively for Maxis Business Postpaid 98 and above , it comes with a 24 month contract and it comes with unlimited calls & SMS and 15GB of mobile data per month when you travel to Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos , Myanmar, China , Hong Kong , Taiwan & Macau.

Can I sign up for these MaxisONE Business plans under the individual segment (billable to self instead of company)?
For personal usage, we encourage you to sign up for the MaxisONE Plan series so that you can enjoy the plan’s benefits for yourself and your family.

What are the solutions that is provided ?
The bundle comes with Maxis Business Voice Go , & ONEBiz eSMS Lite for each bundle and each of the mobile lines will be entitled for Secure Mobile.

Who is eligible for ONEBusiness Travel Monthly pass?
The ONEBusiness Travel Monthly pass with 24 months contract is offered to selected plan , Maxis Business Postpaid 98 , 128 , 158 & 188.

What will I get for subscribing to this ONEBusiness Travel Monthly pass?
Subscribers of this pass will enjoy unlimited calls, SMS and 15GB per month in the 13 APAC countries.

How will I be charged for the ONEBusiness Travel Monthly pass?
The monthly subscription fee of this pass will be reflected in your bill monthly.

My mobile line is under my company’s account, can I request that the charges for this pass to be charged to a separate bill / my personal account?
No, if your mobile is a corporate line under your company, the pass will be charged to your company’s account and billed accordingly. You may refer to you company’s policy or person in charge for such purchase.