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Maxis Business Postpaid

What is the new Maxis Business Postpaid plan?
ONEBusiness Flexi will be renamed to Maxis Business Postpaid. All plan features and rates remain the same.


What do unlimited calls and SMS include?
With this package, you can make unlimited domestic calls and SMS to any Maxis and Hotlink number as well as to any other local mobile operators and fixed line numbers. However, it does not include video calls, special numbers and toll free 1-300/1-800 number calls.


Can I use the unlimited calls & SMS and data while I am roaming?
No, unlimited calls & SMS and data are applicable for domestic usage only.


Who can sign up for the Maxis Business Postpaid package?
Maxis Business Postpaid is open to all existing and new customers. Only registered businesses are allowed to subscribe to Maxis Business Postpaid plans.


How can I manage my Maxis Business Postpaid account?
You can access your Maxis Business Postpaid account via the Maxis Business Hub portal, allowing you to view your account summary, adjust data limit for each member line, view data usage for each member line, or purchase non shareable data add-ons and value-added services.


What is FlexiFund?
FlexiFund is a unique feature that provides you with a fund pool that can be used on Maxis products and services. 


Where can I view and use my FlexiFund?
You can monitor your fund and track all your orders of Maxis products and services through the Maxis Business Hub.