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Unity Solutions


Is there a contract for this service?

Yes. There is a 24-month contract with this service.


Do I need to be a MaxisONE Business or FlexiShare customer to subscribe to Unity Hotline Lite?

Yes, your company needs to subscribe to at least one MaxisONE Business line or FlexiShare package.


Can I change the 5 numbers that will receive the calls?

Yes, you can. You may log in to the Unity Portal to do so.


For the 0X prefix, can I pick the state number?

You may only select from a list of available virtual numbers.


If I choose a sequential ringing sequence, how long does the phone ring before being transferred to the next number?

The phone will ring for 10-12 seconds.


If I need a Unity Service with a larger capacity, do I have an option?

Yes, you do. Please refer to this brochure


Quota Upgrades

How does the 4G LTE weekend internet work?

The 4G LTE weekend internet will be utilised from Saturdays, 12:01am to Sundays, 11:59pm on 4G network. 


What happens if I’m not connected to the 4G LTE network?

On Saturday and Sunday, the weekend internet will be utilised first when you are latched onto our 4G network. If you are not latched onto our 4G network on Saturday and Sunday, you will be utilising from the all-day data allocation.


Is the extra 4G weekend internet given in full or will each Saturday or Sunday be allocated with a certain amount of internet GB?

The 4G weekend internet is given in full and there is no allocation or capped amount per day. For example, on MaxisONE Business 148, if you have utilised 2GB on the first weekend (Saturday and Sunday), you will have a remaining of 18GB to be used on the 4G LTE network for the remaining weekends for that month.


Do I have the option to choose whether to draw down from the 4G weekend internet or all-day data?

The toggling between 4G weekend internet and all-day data is automatic and seamless. As long as it is on a Saturday or Sunday and you are latched onto our 4G network, we will ensure that it is automatically optimised to draw down from the 4G weekend internet. So rest assured, you will always get the best out of your plan.