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  1. Can I simply download the iPad BoardPAC app and use it?
    No, the device ID should be authorized by the Board admin in order to access the app. Board member should use the download link provided to install the application. An authorization request will be sent by the application to the Board Administrator. Once the Board Administrator approves this request you will be able to login to the iPad App.

  2. What happens in a case of a lost iPad device with BoardPAC?
    The iPad user must inform the board admin immediately and he/she will be able to wipe out the app and related board details from the device permanently.

  3. Where are my papers saved/uploaded to?
    The papers are uploaded to secure servers in encrypted format and once downloaded the papers are saved in the device (iPad) in an encrypted form.

  4. Where can the board secretaries (organisers) see who has approved the meeting papers and who has not approved the meeting papers?
    You can click on “View Approvals” for each agenda item in the meeting agenda screen.

  5. Do board members of the meeting receive an email when I upload and confirm meeting papers? Or do I have to send a paper alert?
    The board member will only receive the paper email notification when the paper alert is sent. But the Board members will notice the availability of new papers through the iPad application (with a tag called “New”).

  6. Can I use the BoardPAC offline?
    Yes, the application can be used offline. Downloaded papers will be viewable.