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Maxis Business app


What is the Maxis Business app and how would it benefit me?

Before this, you would have to rely on your company manager to give you data or roaming and we found out that it may not be sufficient for your personal consumption. So we created this specifically for you; you can now purchase data and roaming passes on your own well as enjoy deals and rewards as a Maxis Enterprise customer.


What are the features that I can enjoy?

Now you can check your unbilled amount, keep track of your data usage, purchase more internet data and roaming passes. You can also check your bill cycle. We are also giving you access to the MyMaxis Deals and Rewards.


Will I be charged when I use the app?

You will only be charged for any purchases that you have confirmed within the app.


How do I make payments for my purchases?

You may only make payments via any credit card / debit card.


Will my manager see these purchases?

No, all purchases and charges will only be seen by you via the Maxis Business app and through you credit / debit card statements


How many times can I buy a data pass or roaming pass?

There is no limit to how many passes you wish to buy, but it is advisable to wait a few minutes between purchases.


How will I know whether I have received my purchase?


If I made an error on my purchase, can I get a refund?

You will receive a confirmation SMS on your purchase. If you did not receive this within an hour, please call 1919

No, If you have confirmed any purchase on the app, the money is not refundable.


Will I be charged GST for my purchases?

Yes. All telecommunication charges are subjected to GST


If I don’t have roaming activated on my account can I still purchase a roaming pass?

No. In order to purchase roaming passes through Maxis Business app, you have to ask your manager to activate roaming access for your line


Will customers in designated areas (Langkawi, Labuan and Tioman) be charged GST?

Customers in designated areas such as Langkawi, Tioman and Labuan will be charged GST when they purchase telecommunication services. However, purchase of goods such as devices and device accessories in these areas are not subjected to GST