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Tell me more about Maxperts – Business Solutions Experts

Maxperts – Business Solutions Experts are a group of highly skilled tech support team that offers our selected business customers best-in-class solution expertise for selected Maxis solutions related matters. 


I am a Maxis Business customer, am I eligible to get Maxperts services?

Maxperts tech support services are exclusively for selected Maxis Business Solution customers who purchased or are subscribed to selected business solutions from Maxis. The selected business solutions are Office 365, Enterprise SMS, mDrive, Machine to Machine Vodafone services and Mobile Device Management. There will be more business solutions, which Maxperts will support in the future. Logon to www.maxis.com.my/maxpertsforbiz for updates.


What type of services do Maxperts offer?

There is no job too small for Maxperts to handle. Regardless of the scale of matter, our tech experts cover a wide range of services including End-to-End resolution for selected business solutions and services, on-site support and training, basic setup and configurations, password resets, product navigational assistance and remote troubleshooting. 


How can I reach out to Maxperts?

To get technical assistance from Maxperts, contact our Maxis Business Contact Centre at 1800 82 1919 or 1919 (via Maxis mobile) or visit www.maxis.com.my/maxpertsforbiz


Will I be charged for Maxperts services?

You can get free remote technical support by calling Maxis Business Contact Centre via 1919 from your Maxis Mobile. However, there will be a charge for on-site support and training. Cash payment will not be accepted for on-site support or training. All charges will be reflected in your bill.


What type of training does the Maxperts conduct?

Maxperts offer training to customers on product features, usage guide on solutions and conduct standard troubleshooting walkthroughs so that your business can run smoothly at all times with Maxis Business Solutions.


What are the charges?





Remote Support On-Site Support Training
RM 150 per visit (up to 2 hours)
RM 500 (Maxis Premise – MM/PS)
RM 50 per hour thereafter
RM 700 (KV)


How do I issue payment to Maxis for Maxperts service? Are there credit terms?

Charges incurred will be reflected in your bill statement.


Can I pay through installment?

No. Maxis will charge the fees to your next bill.


What is the refund process if I decide to cancel my attendance for the training?

Once you have informed Maxis of the training cancellation, charges will be refunded to you.


How long in advance must I inform Maxis should there be a cancellation of my attendance?

You must inform your company PIC (Person-In-Charge) to inform Maxis at least one week in advance.


Is there a minimum number of participants required for each training class?

No, there is no minimum number required.


What is the maximum number of participants in each training class?

There is a maximum of 20 participants for each training class.


In the event I do not find the training effective or relevant to me, and I decide to drop out mid-way, am I able to get a refund?

There will not be a refund if you decide to drop out from the class mid-way.