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What is mDrive?    
mDrive is a solution encompassing the hardware, software, services and connectivity to enable you to manage your fleet.

With mDrive you will be able to track the location, driving patterns and efficiency of your fleet through a web portal or phone app in real time.    


What type of vehicle is compatible with mDrive?    
mDrive is compatible with most cars, vans, buses and trucks.

If your vehicle has an Onboard Diagnostic (OBDii) Port you may use the Plug & Play mDrive. Most cars manufactured after 2010 will have one.

For all other vehicles, we have a wired mDrive version where we provide installation services as part of your subscription.    


Will my car warranty be affected if I install mDrive in my vehicle?   
No, your warranty will not be affected. mDrive devices are designed to not interfere with the vehicle.


What happens if there is no network coverage?    
All mDrive devices come with internal memory and the location data will be transmitted once it is reconnected to the network.    


Can I track my vehicles outside of Malaysia?   
Yes, mDrive supports roaming to Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.   


What if I want to swap the mDrive to a new vehicle? 
For the Plug & Play version, simply unplug the mDrive device from the old car and plug it in to the new car’s OBDii port.

For the wired version, you can contact us and we will send a professional to install it in your new vehicle for a nominal fee.    


How can I access mDrive?    
You can access mDrive via https://mdrive.my or the mDrive app on your phone.


How many login IDs will I get?   
By default, you will get one master login and you are free to create as many admin and driver accounts as you like for accessing mDrive. 


How do I know which mDrive unit is installed in which vehicle?   
All mDrive units come with a 15-digit IMEI number which can also be found in the mDrive portal.

For the Plug & Play version, you can refer to the sticker on the device.

For the wired version, you will be given a service report with the device IMEI and vehicle installed.


Can I limit certain users from viewing selected vehicles?
Yes, you can configure which vehicle is accessible to which user.