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Maxis Backup as a Service: Endpoint and Office 365 FAQ


What is Maxis Backup as a Service (for endpoint and Office 365)?
Maxis Backup as a Service is a cloud-native backup solution for endpoint devices and Office 365 data. It was developed through a joint partnership between Commvault and Microsoft Azure.

What Office applications does Maxis Backup as a Service (for Office 365) support?
The following Office 365 applications are supported:

  • Office 365 Exchange Online
  • Office 365 SharePoint
  • Office 365 OneDrive
  • Office 365 Teams
  • Office 365 Groups
  • Office 365 Project Online

What operating systems does Maxis Backup as a Service (for endpoint) support?
The following operating systems are supported:


  • Fedora release 29 to current
  • Debian 9.x to current
  • SLES 11.x to 15.x
  • RHEL/CentOS 7.x and 8.x
  • Ubuntu 8.04 to 18.10


  • macOS Big Sur (v11.x)
  • macOS Catalina (v10.15.x)
  • macOS Mojave (v10.14.x)
  • macOS High Sierra (v10.13.x)
  • macOS Sierra (v10.12.x)


  • Windows clients – Windows 7 to Windows 10

What are the key benefits of Maxis Backup as a Service (for endpoint and Office 365)?

Clean TCO per user
No hidden, unplanned costs. No hardware and software investments.

Maintenance-free and easy to use
Reduced management overhead with a hassle-free SaaS solution that’s simple to maintain and operate. A self-service portal lets both users and compliance officers manage the solution with ease.

Easy and fast setup
Get up and running in minutes with pre-configured plans and a best-practices wizard.

Highly secure with rapid recovery
Enhance security with isolated, immutable backups with zero-trust access controls. Recover data quickly with metadata search and flexible restore options.

I’m currently using Microsoft Office 365’s native backup service. Why would I need an additional backup service?
While Microsoft guarantees data availability, it is the customer’s responsibility to protect their data. And there are many ways in which data could be lost, including the following scenarios:

  • A staff accidentally deletes data from an application such as Microsoft Teams, Project, or SharePoint
  • You decide to move out of Office 365 – only to discover that there is no way to migrate data from the Office 365 suite
  • A ransomware attack encrypts all your data, rendering them lost forever as all redundant copies are also encrypted
  • You discover that a former employee had accidentally made unwanted changes to Office 365 documents and there are no pre-change copies that you can go backto

How many endpoint devices could I register per user?
You may register up to three devices per user.

Do I need to have purchased my Office 365 licenses from Maxis to sign up for this?
No, this service is available to any Office 365 license holder regardless of where it was obtained. If you currently do not own any Office 365 licenses or require additional seats, Maxis gives you the convenience of managing both in one place.


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