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What are the promotion available?

The promotion is only applicable for Small Business (SME) Microsoft licenses comprises of:

  • M365 Business Basic
  • M365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft 365 Apps Business

How long is the promotion period
The promotion is available for sign up from 12th Nov 2020 until June 30, 2021.

Can I upgrade my M365 Business Basic to Business Standard within the contract?
Yes. You can upgrade the license and you will be charged with the new fee.

I have the M365 subscription on an 12m contract. What happens after the contract period?
Your subscription will continue and be charged based on standard subscription fee. In the event, you need to terminate the license, kindly contact Maxis via 1919 and early termination penalty will be charged for remaining months of the contract.

I do not want to be contracted. What would be the option for me?
In the event if you do not wish to be contracted, we have flexibility for monthly subscription where you would pay as per Standard price.

Is there option for bulk purchase of licenses??
Yes, we do have Tier pricing discount. Kindly contact our Account Managers for more information.

I have my own organization domain name. Can I use my domain instead?
Yes. You can use your organization domain to replace onmicrosoft.com domain. Maxis support will assist to join the domain to onmicrosoft.com domain.

Can I mix and match between the product list?
Yes, you can mix and match with other Microsoft 365 product that suits business requirement.

What should I do if I want to add more Microsoft 365 licenses?
You can contact your maxis sales rep to add more licenses or , up to a maximum of 300 licenses per company for SME and unlimited license. Kindly include your legally registered company name and the account that you wish to charge the licenses to in this letter.

Do I need to pay for email migration services?
Maxis will help you on your setup and onboarding process. Mail migration is only for personnel mailbox up to 5 mailboxes. Any corporate mailbox migration will be charge separately.