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Fixed communications

Fixed networks for data & voice services to cater to all your business needs.

Maxis Business Fibre

Get up to 800Mbps superfast speeds and keep
your business constantly connected with
automatic wireless internet and voice backup.

Maxis Managed SD-WAN

Cost effective and secure networking solution
to manage and control your network.

Maxis Business Voice Connect

How can I ensure that I never miss a business call?

Maxis Business Voice SIP

How do I reduce hardware and maintenance costs on my business telephony system?

International Private Leased Circuit

Secure your global operations with a dedicated, point-to-point digital connection.

Domestic Private Leased
Circuit (DPLC)

Secure data transfer via uninterrupted,
point-to-point connection.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching

Build your own Virtual Private Network.

VSAT Services

Always stay connected to your
network wherever you go.

Dedicated Internet Access

Get fast, full-time dedicated Internet access for your mission-critical communications.

International Toll-Free Services

Give the world a direct number to your business.

Domestic Toll-Free Services

A toll-free service for your customers to be in touch.

Business Telephone Services

Give your business communication network
a boost of clarity with Maxis’ Business
Telephone Services.


Cost-effective and scalable the only multiple
communication channel solution your business needs.

SMS Advertising

Your mobile marketing solution that
connects with your customers instantly.

Maxis Business Voice

A range of internet-based fixed voice solutions that runs
on your Maxis Business Fibre connection to help your
business save up to 40% of your fixed phone bill.

Maxis Business Voice Go

Never miss a business call by redirecting your calls 
to your Maxis business mobile lines.


Boost your business credibility with
a professional business image.


Make smarter decisions with one intelligent meeting 
solution for company directors and secretaries.