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ValueCall Plus savings
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An affordable business telephone network
designed for growing businesses.

Never leave a call unanswered

Multiple phone lines are a critical asset for growing businesses to stay competitive but managing it can be costly as well. 
ValueCall Plus offers a simple solution: increasing your call capacity whilst keeping overhead cost low.

By offering a 30-channel ISDN PRI trunk, you can receive and make 30 calls at any one time; not to mention that your business can enjoy affordable rates to both fixed and mobile numbers.

Learn more about ValueCall Plus and how this service can benefit your business growth.

FREE Installation

FREE Installation

Installation charge is waived with minimum commitment usage.

Discounted call rates

Discounted call rates

One flat rate all day long. 

Service Quality

Service Quality

An affordable service that doesn’t compromise on sound quality.



Cost-effective ISDN PRI service that allows businesses to handle a large volume of calls through their PABX.


Get more with ValueCall Plus

CLIP Options

CLIP Options
FREE CLIP on pilot or extension number. 
CLIP on Extension (shows telephone extension).

Number Block

Number Block
1 block of 100 telephone numbers provided per trunk registered. 

Itemised Billing

Itemised Billing
FREE itemised billing.

Enjoy the best fixed rate plans on ValueCall Plus

Local Mobile Numbers

Save up to 88%


STD Calls

Save up to 76%


IDD Calls

Save up to 90%


  • IDD calls to certain countries are rated differently
  • STD = Subscriber Trunk Dialing

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Single or multiple telephone lines 

Value Added Services

  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • 3-way calling
  • Voicemail
  • FREE telephone set for each direct line

ValueCall Plus 

30-channel ISDN PRI trunk

Value Added Services

  • FREE itemised billing
  • FREE CLIP on Pilot Number/Extension
  • FREE block of 100 seconds (max 200 numbers per trunk)
  • High pre-approved credit limit of RM5,000 per trunk



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ValueCall Plus service?
ValueCall Plus is designed with affordability and your business growth and varying needs in mind. It provides a 2Mbps digital ISDN PRI trunk of 30 channels in 100 telephone number blocks, which connects to your PABX.

Who uses ValueCall Plus service?
Companies with a large workforce from over 20 staff members up to several thousands; such as call centres that run telemarketing, collections, technical helpdesk, or market survey activities.

How can ValueCall Plus service capacity be increased?
The capacity can be increased by adding trunks to your main trunk for office communication or having a separate trunk for other business units needs (eg. telemarketing, contact centre and market research).

If I increase the size of my workforce, how can I increase the capacity of the ValueCall Plus service?
You can add more telephone numbers in number blocks of 100 telephone numbers or add more ValueCall Plus trunks (each trunk will add 30 voice channels).

Each connected call will take up one voice channel.How is ValueCall Plus service billed?
ValueCall Plus service is billed by the pilot number which is the billing identifier. There is no extension billing.

What equipment is needed for ValueCall Plus service?
Maxis provides a modem along with the ValueCall Plus service.

You must provide your own PABX with installed ISDN PRI card / port and the PABX extension phone at your own expense.

How will ValueCall Plus service be billed?
ValueCall Plus service is billed by the pilot number (only one telephone number), whether the service has one trunk or multiple trunks attached to this number.