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Six Tools That Make HR (and Employees) Truly Digital

It’s true that online collaboration and HR tools have been around for a while. But it’s also true that most of them have been focusing too much on keeping records and track of employees which are useful for HR, but doesn’t add much value to the overall employee experience.

According to Brandon Hall Group, 44 % of companies worldwide are planning to change their HR systems this year. Today, new, sophisticated and advanced apps and tools are creating a greater employee experience and making your organisation truly digital and mobile enabling learning, recruiting and engagement anytime, anywhere.

Creating an unmatched customer experience has been on the lips of every business leader the past few years. The trend has now extended to HR leaders putting lots of efforts on creating the greatest employee experience. Experiences that fit with organisational values, but equally important, that satisfies our talents. A study made by Deloitte found that Americans check their phones approximately 46 times a day. We can safely assume the numbers are about the same for Malaysians. The broad range of digital HR tools, especially on mobile, is no longer only adopted by GenYs. GenXs are also taking part in the digital playing field, adopting the newest recruitment, learning and engagement tools. Furthermore, the average attention span of employees has been decreasing the past decade to a level that is now down to about 8 seconds. This means that UX and UI for the new HR apps and tools should be prioritized as highly as the content.

To create the best experience for our employees, we must know what triggers them and catches their attention. Just like we need to know our customers’ behaviour and preferences, the same applies to employees as well.

Today, HR must not only have to know the employment laws and keep track of employees’ records but also to use analytics to make decisions on recruitment, talent development and share people insights on every talent the management is interested to know more about.

This is the reason why the vast majority of business- and HR leaders are finding new digital ways to engage their employees. They are turning to Mobile-First recruitment, collaboration and learning solutions to engage their employees—and retain them.

On-Premise Human Resource Management Systems are passé. There are cooler ways for HR departments and employees to collaborate. Cloud and especially mobile app-based HR solutions are making waves in today’s organisations. I know it can be a jungle out there when deciding what tools and technologies to use, however, here are a few tools I have tested among many others that I personally believe can keep your candidates and employees engaged and motivated whilst helping your company go digital:

Online Collaboration and HR Tools

Workday will revolutionize the way you communicate and collaborate with your employees.

The cloud based HR solution covers the entire spectrum of an enterprise’s HR needs. It’s device-agnostic and helps organisations seamlessly integrate common global practices and, at the same time, supports unique needs. For example, you can set up jobs once and use them worldwide with a unified global job catalog that includes appropriate local attributes. In addition, the tool helps you manage employee agreements, including probation periods, collective agreements, and contract data, among other things. If that wasn’t enough, you can also do your performance management, talent review and monthly feedback tracking on your mobile.

USP: Helps organisations initiate and manage transactions—from hire to retire—on any device, anytime and anywhere as long you are connected to the Internet.

This tool is radically changing the way the recruitment process is perceived. HireVue digitally empowers organisations to hire candidates that best fit their needs; all through your smartphone. What’s really incredible about this tool is that it uses the power of video in unique ways to hire and coach recruits.

HireVue challenges the tried-and-tested method used to judge candidates. Candidates introduce and answer a number of questions themselves through videos. It provides managers the ability to watch structured videos instead of premature in-person interviews, and get a glimpse of the candidate. What’s more? Candidates can demonstrate their abilities via digital challenges. These are scored and ranked by HireVue’s algorithms. HireVue can also capture videos of top performers in action so new hires can learn from them.

USP: HireVue blends analytics with recruitment. It helps HR managers select the best candidates by analyzing audio, video, and language data instead of relying on instinct. This makes the process of recruitment more scientific and hence more accurate. HireVue is on the higher end cost wise. Other tools you could consider would be GreenJobInterview, WePow and Async Interview.

Learning Tools
Learn Anytime, Anywhere, is a philosophy I strongly believe in. New apps and micro learning tools bring learning and development (L&D) to a new level in creating a great employee experience. Gone are the days when training used to be endless lectures in a classroom-like environment that served little or no purpose. Cloud-based mobile learning systems and apps are changing that. These solutions are making learning exciting, intuitive and engaging for employees thereby keeping them motivated. Here are some apps and solutions that you should consider:

SmartUp is the ideal micro and bite size learning platform, and it’s all in one mobile app. SmartUp allows users to share and gain knowledge quickly. Your employees can start a community and create as many knowledge-sharing sub communities as they want. This enables teams—irrespective of size—to share and gain content relevant to them.

USP: It’s ideal for employees and leaders who want to know about the latest digital trends around the world through quizzes, business simulations and bite size learning bits that make learning fun and engaging.

One of the most popular learning platforms—and a LinkedIn company—Lynda opens up a world of learning that’s unimaginable. From courses on digital marketing, web development, and graphic design to topics as diverse as songwriting, e-book publishing and digital painting, Lynda is a universe of knowledge.

Its library consists of training videos by leading industry experts with tutorials in 5 languages. Learning a new skill has never been this easy. And if you don’t want to watch the videos you can just read the transcripts.

USP: Undoubtedly, the range of skills that Lynda offers makes it stand out. It’s intuitive, easy to master and absorbing at the same time.

If you want to gain skills within computer science, programming, math or analytics, Udacity is among the very best out there. Udacity is an online learning platform that works directly with the world’s top technology giants such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and many more. Udacity offers Nanodegree programmes designed together with businesses for people to acquire new skills needed in the digital world. Your employees will acquire real skills online with the opportunity to have an assigned mentor to guide the student through the programme. Udacity is so confident that their Nanodegrees gives you real life skills that they have money back guarantee if the student isn’t able to find a job within the first 6 months after completion.

USP: Udacity leverages on the leading global tech titans to develop their programmes to prepare students for real life challenges that businesses face. Udacity knows exactly what’s relevant for businesses to learn within computer science, programming, math and business intelligence.

Best suited for small and medium businesses, Litmos is intuitive and offers something for everyone. The suite offers over a thousand pre-packaged courses for internal sales and service training, external compliance and security training. Once a course shell is created, administrators can customize certificates and add content. You can create course libraries by selecting content from Dropbox. It also supports large files. A review by PC Mag says that Litmos can run two-hour high-definition training videos without a glitch.

It’s affordable, easy to use, and is gradually gaining ground among small businesses.

USP: What’s really incredible about Litmos is that it infuses an element of gamification into the process of learning. Supervisors can tailor curriculum and gamification features to specific teams.

There are quite a number of tools available in the market out there. But one thing’s for certain, these tools are clearly changing the way we work and engage with employees. Let’s face it – the Internet is creating an enormous shift in the way we live and how businesses operate. If we do not evolve and stay relevant in today’s fast-paced digital world, we’re going to be left behind for sure.

So, start getting your employees to buy-in to the concept of using these smart tools. What’s really important is for them to be certain that these tools and solutions will help make their lives so much easier and keeping them motivated and engaged to continuously using it.

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