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Five Email Apps that Will Help You Get to Inbox Zero

Merlin Mann, the man who coined the term Zero Inbox, claimed that ‘zero’ doesn’t refer to the number of messages in an inbox, but the amount of time an employee spends going through her inbox.

It might not seem important to cut the amount of time your employees spend on email- until you realize how much time it consumes.

According to staffing firm Robert Half, employees spend 17 percent of their day on email. The numbers reported by McKinsey Global Institute and research firm IDC are worse. According to them, staffers spend a walloping 28 percent of their time on email.

But they don’t have to spend that much time on email, if they have the right tools. Here are five email apps that can help your employees achieve Inbox Zero and perform better while on the move.

Dispatch is an app that makes it easy to promptly act on emails even when your employees are on the go. The app makes deleting, deferring, delegating, and responding to mails extremely simple. Not only does this increase worker productivity but it can also enhances customer service.

Dispatch stores replies as snippets and allows you to reuse them to answer similar queries. A quick left swipe gives you the option to delete an email or mark it as spam. To archive mails, you just need to swipe a bit longer.

Activities like switching accounts, replying, and going back to the inbox are achieved by swiping left and right. The app even says “Hi” on your behalf when reverting to emails, allowing you to work faster.

However, Dispatch does not support POP/Exchange-based email or native push. To learn more visit

Boxer is an integrated suite of mobile email, calendar, and contact app that allows employees to innovate and be more productive. Boxer email is intelligent. It adapts to the way you work. It provides tools like bulk editing, quick responses, and smart labels that makes working easy. It’s specifically designed to swipe away emails until you reach a Zero Inbox.

Boxer’s calendar is also smart. Without going back and forth between applications, Boxer’s ‘Share Availability’ feature helps you find time for meetings. Boxer supports all major email providers including Gmail and iCloud, but it doesn’t support POP3-based email. To learn more, visit

CloudMagic is a unified email application, which syncs with Gmail, Exchange, Google Apps, IMAP accounts, Outlook and iCloud. Third-party apps like Evernote and Trello, are also welcome by CloudMagic. This app allows you to drop emails on other applications to help you organize your work better. To learn more visit

If you are extremely busy and struggling to stay on top of your email, Triage can help. Triage is an iPhone app that doesn't try to replace your desktop email client.

Simple features of the app include flicking up to archive, delete, or mark as read. Forward an email or send a short reply with a tap, and flick down to keep for later. It’s that interface that makes it handy for employees.

But Triage is not a traditional email client; it does not have folders. It displays emails like a stack of cards and archives mails with a single swipe. It definitely helps zeroing down your inbox. To learn more visit

Mailwise is an email app that can save your employees plenty of time. In Mailwise, all messages are sorted chronologically in an easy accessible format. Unlike traditional email applications, it creates quick and easy lists. Say you receive newsletters from multiple sources. Mailwise will create a single thread under which you can view all your newsletters.

Mailwise supports Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Hotmail, Gmail, Google apps, Yahoo, AOL, and others. To ensures privacy, Mailwise connects to your email server directly from your mobile device, without an intermediate server. To learn more visit

Now you know how to create a Zero Inbox, watch the productivity of your employees surge!

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