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How Apps Are Redefining Employee Engagement

It is often said that employees are one of the most important aspects to an organisation’s success. In this day and age, yuppie, headphone-toting, 20-something, digital-natives have begun to shape the business of tomorrow.

Having an effective employee engagement is crucial for any Enterprise today. Employee engagement affects more than just the individual employee. It has an impact on your company culture, your talent retention, and even your bottom line. This why having a clear strategy to engage your employees can make a positive difference, making your company not just a great place to work for your employees but most importantly, help you succeed in the market by being able to retain the best talent and increase productivity allowing you to be ahead of your competitors.

The world is already mobile. Gone are the days of the web, it is now all about mobile apps thanks to their ease of access and speed. Technology and consumer behavior have moved on and your employees expect you to embrace mobility for anything you do. Employees now demand a mobile-first, apps driven approach for a new level of rich engagement.

Here are three kinds of apps that are making the ancient rituals of employee engagement irrelevant and turning them into the workplace of the future.

Collaboration Apps
According to Dimension Data’s Connected Enterprise Report 2016, 90 percent of Malaysian organisations think internal communications are effective to ensure employees benefit from collaboration technologies.

Enter funky collaboration apps like tessello, that connect your employees to one another and to the knowledge they need. Employees can share what they learn and experience.

Basecamp is another much-loved collaboration app that helps employees and-more importantly, employers to stay on top of everything that’s going on. It’s a one-stop shop to discuss projects, track deadlines, take action and keep everyone on the same page.

Many successful organisations also use Yammer to collaborate across locations, departments and other business apps. Like most collaboration apps, you can also add your customers onto this enterprise social networking platform that brings everything and everyone under one roof.

How does this make employee engagement more effective?
  • Provides a platform to share ideas across the board—not just with their bosses over e-mail—giving employees exposure to a wider audience
  • Removes ambiguity and ensures accountability, sending the message that even employers are accountable.
  • Increases productivity and boosts confidence of your employees, making the workplace happier.

Emotion Monitoring Apps
The biggest drawback of any employee engagement program is the amount of time and effort it takes for employees and organisations to create programs, tabulate results, and take action.

Today’s employees believe in instant results. And emotion-monitoring devices and apps can do exactly that with a click of a button—on a daily basis. Celpax and are good examples of devices and apps that monitor your employees’ moods at the end of each day, and help you take immediate action. All employees need to do is touch icons like smileys, colored buttons or sliders to depict how they are feeling. Celpax, for example, is a device that is typically placed on a wall next to your workplace’s exit door.

It asks one simple question: How was your day? Employees press the red button to indicate it wasn’t a great day and green to express the opposite. Running analytics on all that data, gives organisations and HR departments a holistic picture of how employees are feeling. This also gives you an instant snapshot of a worker’s mood and you can address issues almost immediately.

How does this make employee engagement more effective?

  • Gathering feedback consistently gives employees the assurance that they are cared for, making them more loyal
  • Analytics give you a visual picture of employee sentiment and tells you which employee engagement initiative is more effective.
  • Continuous mood monitoring bridges the gap between HR and employees, boosting employee morale and helping HR keep attrition under control.

Annual Appraisals Vs. Social Recognition Apps
Everybody enjoys being praised. And employees are no different. That occasional pat on the back keeps them driven and engaged. But annual appraisals behind closed doors don’t inspire them anymore.

In an age where ‘going viral’ has redefined recognition, it’s important for HR departments to spread the cheer through platforms that mimic social media. Leveraging gamification, crowd-sourcing and other social tools to recognize and nominate employees for their good work and acknowledging their contributions on a social platform makes employees feel encouraged.

Apps like crewhu!, Kudos and YouEarnedIt help you do that. These tools fuse gamification with rewards programs to keep employees on their toes but in a fun way. Crewhu, for example, helps you set goals for your employees and once they hit their goals, they will receive points.

Employees can save their points to redeem more awards. The app also empowers employees to reward each other for a job well done.

Likewise, Kudos also helps managers like you to recognize deserving employees with awards and customizable badges that resonate with your company’s brand and culture. Move over annual award ceremonies and congratulatory e-mails-these apps can get you more brownie points from employees!

How does this make employee engagement more effective?
  • Gamification changes the definition of goal-setting and encourages your employees to work harder and have fun at the same time.
  • Weekly recognition on social media keeps employees driven, unlike annual appraisals that hide behind closed doors.
  • Recommending peers increases camaraderie between employees, creating a culture that propagates teamwork.

Leveraging technology to empower employees and increase job satisfaction is rewarding. You retain top talent, increase productivity and profitability. And more importantly, beat competition. Self-improvement coach and writer Dale Carnegie once said, “Organisations with engaged employees outperform the competition by as much as 202 percent.”

And there’s an app for that now. What are you waiting for?

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