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Call Management Solutions for Growing Businesses

One of the common challenges that growing businesses face is the increase in call volumes (which in itself isn’t a bad thing) but not being able to attend to them, risks a loss in business opportunity. This challenge can be more severe if it is a service-based business or a call-based business. Outsourcing customer support and call center to third parties have become a practice but for businesses on a budget, there are still ways to professionalize call management.

Boost Availability
Imagine you are attending an important business presentation and you are also the key person that customers are in touch with. Your phone has been buzzing for the past hour but you are unable to excuse yourself from the discussion. Next comes the texts and you recognize the same name flashing on your phone’s display but you know you’d be showing great disrespect for your clients sitting in front of you. You have no choice but to return those calls and messages after two hours when the meeting is over. And then you are finally able to call that customer back, it was too late. Tired of not being able to reach you, they decided to talk to other organizations. Now, that’s extremely unfortunate!

To resolve such a problem, businesses need to embrace technologies that can redirect more than one call to multiple phone numbers. And Maxis Unity Solutions do exactly that, and some more.

With Unity OneNumber and Unity Hotline, businesses can allow their customers to dial a single number and reach out to a customer support team or a business consultant in a jiffy. It also guarantees that your client does not bump into a busy tone. This feature can be extremely important for today’s businesses, as according to dialogtech.com, 60% of your clients will abandon a call if they need to wait for more than 40 seconds. And unlike other tele-calling solutions, Unity Solutions can easily transfer calls to as many as 100 different lines.

Reduce Operational Costs
Maxis Unity Reception offers IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that is able to route calls to individuals without the need of a warm-body transfer. This enables your business to mobilize the staff to handle other operational business matters and reduce operational costs incurred with traditional PABX systems.

Enhance Productivity
With Unity Conference, organizations can also boost productivity of its employees who are often on the go by enabling employees to join meetings from any part of the world. It also allows business executives to conduct conference calls using smart devices with 100 mobile or fixed-line numbers. Businesses can also record such calls and archive them for future reference.

Advancements in messaging technologies have also made it possible for businesses to store and receive all sorts of emails, SMS, MMS and fax in one single inbox. Hovering on the concept of Zero Inbox, Unity Messaging can also boost employee productivity considerably. It also enables executives to send and receive all sorts of messaging communications using one single platform. This will definitely enhance overall productivity of your employees.

By embracing Maxis Unity Solutions, businesses can significantly optimise operational costs, boost productivity and more importantly always be available for their clients.



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