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How Restoran Habib's Digitalisation Helped Grow Their Family Business

“We take pride in our family recipes that we’ve been serving our customers for generations.”
- Encik Habib, Owner of Restoran Habib

Restoran Habib is a popular restaurant chain in Johor Bahru, and has served locals with their favourite comfort meals since 1974. The story of this family business that spans for over decades across three generations started in Taman Iskandar, Pasar Pelangi. Today, Restoran Habib has 10 outlets all across the state.


Just like any other business, Restoran Habib was affected by the pandemic as restaurant visits went down due to dining restrictions.

To ensure that they can continue serving their customers, restaurant owner Encik Habib decided to push bravely towards digitalisation through the adoption of new solutions.

He was determined to make sure that their customers get to enjoy their favourite food despite dining restrictions, and began to think of ways on how they can keep their customers by offering a seamless delivery and takeaway experience.


When Habib first started experimenting with online platforms for deliveries and takeaways, it was a struggle as they weren't able to include their whole menu. They noticed that this actually affected customers' purchasing behaviour as they had the tendency to stick to the same dishes.

They knew it was important for customers to be reminded of the variety of food items that they offer through visual cues and aimed to make sure that their customers have more choices.

They understood a basic fact: the more choices the customers have, the more likely it is for them to order more.

Another issue they had to overcome was the mediocre after-sales service of some online delivery platforms that resulted in a poor customer experience. While some of them were decent platforms, they were unfortunately not very helpful after sales.


Habib sought help from the Maxis SME Help Squad and they recommended him to apply for the SME Digitalisation Grant and get Cloud POS Lite, an all-in-one online ordering system perfect for F&B businesses.

Best part, the only thing he needed to do was to prepare the necessary documents as they applied for the grant on his behalf and helped him save 50% on the Cloud POS Lite solution.


With Cloud POS Lite, Encik Habib is now able to fulfil his dreams to help his customers bring the Mamak experience home. They can also upload the whole menu without any hassle, and manage online orders for deliveries and takeaways easily via just one platform.

With the increase in customer orders, their sales also went up by 22%.

Their story of perseverance is truly admirable, and their efforts to bring the business ahead with the right digital solution shall be an example for many F&B businesses out there.

Now they are also looking forward to expanding the business even further and growing the family legacy.

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