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5G-ready network

5G-Ready network

Enjoy high speed internet on our
5G-Ready network with unlimited calls, SMS and data plus zero fibre downtime.

Get up to RM3,000 off

Limited offer: Get up to RM3,000 off

With the SME Digitalisation Grant, the government will help to fund your Maxis Business Postpaid & Fibre bill.

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Free business solutions

Free business solutions

Enjoy business-grade solutions to help you stay connected with your customers worth RM1,000.

Get it with zero capex

Get the latest devices
with no cash upfront

Easy ownership of 4G mobile devices and software through a subscription model.   

Start building your ideal business plan

Step 1
Choose your company’s mobile plan
Each line will enjoy unlimited data, calls & SMS and a FREE smartphone.

Maxis Business Postpaid 98
40GB All Day Shareable Data

Maxis Business Postpaid  128
60GB All Day Shareable Data

Maxis Business Postpaid 158
80GB All Day Shareable Data

Maxis Business Postpaid 188
100GB All Day Shareable Data

Optional Add-Ons:
Maxis Business Postpaid
Share 48 Line

30GB Mobile Data
Unlimited All-Net calls & SMS

You may choose up to maximum 5 lines (including share lines). You need at least 1 main line to add-on a share line.

Step 2
Select a fibre internet speed and enjoy unlimited data on your mobile plan
Choose the internet speed that's best for your office.


Step 3
Get your FREE business-grade solutions
Enjoy business-grade tools worth RM1,000 that will help your business stay ahead.

Reach more customers with ONE SMS


Never miss a business call with dedicated hunting line


Protect your business data from online threats


Mobile Plan



Business Solution

ONEBusiness VoiceGo + eSMS


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maxis Business Postpaid & Fibre?

Maxis Business Postpaid & Fibre is an all-in-one business bundle plan designed for Micro-SME customers. It consists of:
    •    Unlimited Mobile Data on your mobile plans
    •    A Maxis Business Fibre plan with Zero Downtime
    •    Free Maxis Business Voice Go solution for 24 months
    •    Free eSMS solution for 24 months
    •    Free Secure Mobile solution for 24 months
    •    Optional roaming monthly add-on to roam in 13 countries

Who is eligible to sign up for this bundle plan?
For this bundle, the mobile lines are available for existing lines, new registrations, and port-ins. For Maxis Business Fibre customers, you will need to be currently on one of our eligible fibre plans. The Maxis Business Postpaid & Fibre bundle plan is only applicable for SME customers.

How many Maxis Business Postpaid & Fibre bundles can I sign up for?

You may only sign up for 1 bundle per company.

Click here to read full terms and conditions.

Roaming Pass
Add on RM20 per line for worry-free roaming to 13 countries