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Appendix – Maxis Business Roaming

[Version 9 Dec 2020]

1.1 As per Clause 12 of the Maxis Business Roaming SSTC:

DataRoam Pass
Charge and validity                                             RM38/day. Until 11:59pm (time of capital city) or 24 hours (time of capital city), which will be stated in the confirmation SMS and Maxis app
Mobile internet allocation

20MB/day, 50MB/day or 500MB/day, subject to eligible country.

Pass eligibility One (1) pass per one (1) eligible country.
Rate Plan eligibility All Maxis Business Plans subscribers
Auto activated Pass will be auto activated for you if we detect you are in an eligible country and are using data without subscribing to Monthly Business World Unlimited Data Pass or Maxis Business Travel Monthly Roam Pass
Countries and operators Please refer to https://business.maxis.com.my/en/mobile-plans/international-roaming/
Maxis Business Travel Monthly Roam Pass
Charge and validity                                             RM20/month. Automatically renews every billing cycle and contracted for 24 months
Mobile internet allocation

15GB per month. Speed will be reduced upon quota depletion.

Additional value-adds Unlimited roaming calls and SMS to all countries and subjected to standard Fair Usage Policy
Purchase method Opt-in at point of Maxis Business Postpaid Plan registration or renewal only
Rate Plan eligibility Maxis Business Postpaid plans stated in: https://business.maxis.com.my/en/mobile-plans/postpaid-plan-s/
Countries Please refer to https://business.maxis.com.my/en/mobile-plans/postpaid-plan-s/