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Domestic Freefone
& Localfone

A toll-free service for your customers to be in touch.

Get your own Domestic Toll-Free Number

Domestic Tollfree services can be set up on your installed Maxis main voice services:
ISDN PRI, Business Telephone services, VoiceConnect and VoiceSIP services.

For Freefone 1800, your business will bear all domestic call charges.

For Localfone 1300, this leaves your business with charges for local calls and
the difference between national and local call charges from outstation calls.


Encourages business enquiries

Encourages business enquiries

When your customers do not have to pay exorbitant prices (or do not have to pay at all) to call you, they would be more willing to call to enquire on products and services.

Promotes business recognition

Promotes business recognition

Establish business recognition with a single easy-to-remember phone number, serving as an effective sales and marketing tool for your company.

Improved cost control

Improved cost control

For better control of your company’s telephone expenses, your outstation personnel can call the main office using the toll-free number.

Increased customer loyalty

Increased customer loyalty

Offering toll-free or local-charge number as an after-sales service to your customer shows your commitment to your customer services. This will help you gain your customers’ confidence and loyalty.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the main consideration for my company when I am planning to provide tollfree services to my customers?
You should consider the location of your customers:

  1. If most of your customers are located in the domestic market, you should opt for the Domestic Freefone or Localfone service.
  2. If most of your customers are from the international market, you should opt for the International Inbound Tollfree (ITFS) service or Universal Inbound Freefone Number(UIFN) service.

What Domestic Toll-Free services do you offer?
Maxis offers two types of Domestic Toll-Free services where the company who subscribes will pay for the calls being received:
Domestic Freefone 1800 82 XXXX – Caller makes calls for FREE.
Localfone 1300 82 XXXX – Caller pays the local call charge.

How many calls a day will I be able to handle?

You'll want to think about whether you need a dedicated ISDN PRI 30 channels, a few channels of the ISDN PRI 30 or Multi-Lines or Business Voice Enhanced lines for large call volumes.

However, there are also several key points that you must consider :

  • Number of staff or agents used to receive these incoming calls;  
  • Number of hours/day; 
  • Number of working days that this call centre or unit will be receiving calls.

How do we know if the toll-free number belongs to Maxis?

  • If the toll-free number begins with 1 800 82, it belongs to our Domestic Freefone service.
  • If the toll-free number begins with 1 300 82, it belongs to our Localfone service.
    <add a space>
    Note : 82 denotes that Maxis is the service provider.

What are the prerequisites that I need to fulfill before I can subscribe to the Domestic Toll-Free services?
Domestic Toll-Free services are supplementary to Maxis' main voice services. You must first be subscribed to either the ISDN PRI, Multi-Line or Business Voice Enhanced or the Business Voice SIP services in order to be able to subscribe to our Domestic Toll-Free services.

How many days will it take for you to provide Domestic Toll-Free services after the main service is activated?
Up to 3 working days.