2 For 1 Promotion 2019


  1. What is this offer about?
    Customer have the opportunity to get 2 devices by signing up to Zerolution on MOB128/158/188 + BS48 plans.
  2. How long is the offer going to run?
    Yes, both the Maxis ONEBusiness 158/188 & BizStart 48 line will be tied to a 24 months contract.
  3. How long is the offer going to run?
    The offer is valid from 1st December 2019 to 31st January 2020.
  4. How do I enjoy this offer?
    In order to enjoy this offer, you can refer to your Account Manager, or any appointed SME channel to sign up for MOB188/158/128+BS48 bundle offer.
  5. I am a new customer to Maxis, can I immediately sign-up to Zerolution?
    You are not allowed to sign-up for Zerolution immediately if you are a new customer.
    However, if you are a new port-in customer, you can sign up for Zerolution if you fulfill the below criterias :
    • Current monthly bill with other OLO - >RM150/mth.
    • Company established more than 1 year.
    • Must be able to present 3 months OLO original bill with no overdue payment each month.
    • Credit check required prior to application.
  6. I am an existing customer of more than 6 months with Maxis, can I sign up for this promo by adding new lines?Yes, you can sign up for this promo with additional new lines on top of your existing line with Maxis if your current tenure with Maxis is > 6 months. 
  7. Can I sign up for this offer if I am currently still on contract?
    No, you have to complete the current contract before signing on to a new contract.
  8. What happens if I decide not to continue my BizStart 48 contract after I take the Zerolution offer?
    Should you choose not to continue  the full contract period for your BizStart 48, a penalty of “RM48 X remaining months of contract” will apply.
  9. What happen if I terminate the contract for the Zerolution on Maxis ONEBusiness188, but maintaining the Bizstart48 rateplan?
    If you decided to terminate the Zerolution Maxis ONEBusiness 188 contract, an early termination charge will be triggered, which is the “Zerolution Monthly Device Installment X remaining months of contract period”.
  10. What happen if I terminate both the contracts?
    Both the penalties as specified in No 7 & No. 8 will apply.
  11. Can I transfer my lines to another company during the contract period?
    If you wish to perform the transfer of lines to another company, you will need to terminate the contract and this will trigger the early termination charges.
  12. Can I still enjoy this offer if I do not want to sign-up for Zerolution?
    The offer only available to Maxis ONEBusiness 188 /158on Zerolution contract, and is not available if you choose another contract type.