ONEBusiness VoiceSIP


What is ONEBusiness VoiceSIP?
Business VoiceSIP is a Internet Protocol (IP) based Voice trunk that connects to your voice telephone system (IP PBX) to enable it to connect to the Public Telephone Network via Maxis IP infrastructure (ONEBusiness Fibre, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) or MPLS). The VoiceSIP service comes with telephone numbers, voice channels and a calling plan.

Is ONEBusiness VoiceSIP available at my office location?
Please check whether the ONEBusiness Fibre is available at your location via the website:
If your office location is within the ONEBusiness Fibre coverage area, you will be able to subscribe to ONEBusiness VoiceSIP.
Should you require VoiceSIP on Maxis DIA or MPLS, please contact your respective Maxis account manager to discuss your requirements, or call Maxis at 1-800-82-1919 or dial 1919 from your Maxis mobile.

In which scenario will ONEBusiness VoiceSIP be suitable for my company?
ONEBusiness VoiceSIP is suitable for customers who have their own on-premise IP PBX system and want to connect it to a SIP trunk to enable them to receive inbound and outbound calls. Customers who are replacing their traditional PBX system may also subscribe to ONEBusiness VoiceSIP.

What do I need in order to use Maxis ONEBusiness VoiceSIP?
You will require:

  • Maxis Network Infrastructure
  • IP-PBX and an e-SBC or PBX Media Getaway  
  • IP Phone (own hardware) 

I have an existing IP-PBX and an e-SBC or PBX and Media Gateway. Can I subscribe to ONEBusiness VoiceSIP?
Our VoiceSIP service has been certified to work with many brands and models. Should your equipment brand and model differ from the certified range of equipment, we recommend that a Proof of Concept (PoC) be conducted to verify the compatibility of your equipment with our service. Please contact a Maxis account manager to arrange for a PoC, or call 1800-82-1919 for any further enquiries

Where will the PoC be conducted?
The PoC can be conducted at a Maxis test lab or at your premises.

Can I get Maxis to provide a complete solution including equipment for ONEBusiness VoiceSIP?
Yes, you can. The equipment will be charged separately based on the actual requirements. Please contact a Maxis Account Manager for further details, or call 1800-82-1919 for any further enquiries.

I want to subscribe to Maxis ONEBusiness VoiceSIP. I am currently on an internet connection from another provider.
You will need to subscribe to any Maxis ONEBusiness Fibre, DIA or MPLS plan to enjoy ONEBusiness VoiceSIP.

Can I transfer or port my existing fixed line number (03-x, 05-x, etc.) from another operator to Maxis ONEBusiness VoiceSIP?
Presently, fixed line numbers are not portable in Malaysia. Upon subscribing to the VoiceSIP service, Maxis will provide you with a new set of fixed line numbers which correspond to the location of your office. For example, if your office is in Selangor, Maxis will provide you with the telephone numbers available for that particular location.