Flexishare For Business (EN)



What are the benefits of signing up to the Maxis FlexiShare?

Companies that sign up to this package will enjoy the flexibility to:

- Assign quota limit to each of their user lines

- All user lines will enjoy unlimited talk and text


What does unlimited calls and SMS mean?

With this package, you can make unlimited domestic calls and SMS to any Maxis and Hotlink number as well as to any other local mobile operators and fixed line numbers. However, it does not include video calls, special numbers and toll free 1-300/1-800 number calls.


Can I use the Unlimited calls & SMS and Mobile Internet quota while I am roaming?

Unlimited calls, Unlimited SMS and Mobile Internet allocation are applicable for domestic usages only. 


Who can sign-up for Maxis FlexiShare?

Maxis FlexiShare is open to all existing and new Enterprise customers (Company only, not available for Company Individual).

You can switch over your mobile lines from other operators into FlexiShare, transfer from a prepaid or another Maxis postpaid service or register new lines, within one Flexishare package, as long as there are no outstanding contracts on those lines.


Where can I self-manage my FlexiShare account?

You can self-mange your FlexiShare account at onebizhub.maxis.com.my (ONEBusiness Hub). This portal allows you to access the following functions:

  • View your account summary
  • Adjust usage limit for each user line
  • View quota usages for each user line
  • Add or remove user lines add ons
  • Add or remove shareable / non shareable data add ons


How do I get the access to ONEBusiness Hub ?

All companies subscribed to a FlexiShare package(s) will have an account created according to the information indicated in the Registration Form. An email will be sent to the Person-In-Charge’s (PIC) email (as indicated in the Registration Form) for account activation. 


Are there any other channels where I can adjust the data quota limit?

Data quota limit is one of FlexiShare’s controlled by the company’s Person-In-Charge (PIC). The data limit adjustment can only be adjusted through ONEBusiness Hub. If you have an enquiry about ONEBusiness Hub, you can email to psu@maxis.com.my or contact our customer service at 1-800-82-1919.


In the event that the shared Mobile Internet quota is depleted before the end of bill cycle, can I add more data?

Yes, you can add 10GB @ RM100 for all FlexiShare packages with a maximum of five (5) times add on data shareable bundle via ONEBusiness Hub.



Can I change my FlexiShare package?

Yes, you can change to any other FlexiShare packages (example from FlexiShare RM 488 to FlexiShare RM1,388) depending on your business needs. The monthly fee and quota will be pro-rated according to the balance number of days to your next bill cycle date.


Can I transfer a user line from ONE FlexiShare package to another or out of the FlexiShare package?

Yes, you can transfer the lines within a FlexiShare package or out of FlexiShare package (example to a MaxisONE Business plan) so long you adhere to the terms of contract tied to the line (if any). 


Can I add more user lines into my packages?

Yes, you can add more user lines into your existing Flexishare package. Add-on user lines are sold as a bundle of 5 lines @ RM240 per month. All user lines come with unlimited talk and text where else data is shared according to the base package subscribed. The number of user add-ons can be purchased according to the FlexiShare package you subscribed to. 

  • FlexiShare 488 – 1 bundle
  • FlexiShare 948 – 1 bundle
  • FlexiShare 1388 – 2 bundles
  • FlexiShare 2688 – 3 bundles
  • FlexiShare 4488 – 4 bundles
  • FlexiShare 6688 – 4 bundles
  • FlexiShare 8888 – 10 bundles

Can I subscribe to Maxis Broadband within the same account?

Yes, you can subscribe to Maxis Broadband plan(s) and charged within the same account. However, the data quota allocated for the Broadband plan is non shareable and is allocated only for the use for the Broadband service. Shareable quota from the FlexiShare package is non shareable with the Broadband plan as well.


Can I subscribe to a multi-SIM to share the data?

No, multi-SIM is not available for subscription to any FlexiShare user lines or FlexiShare package for data sharing.


If monthly allocation is not fully utilized, can it be carried forward?

No. The data quota allocation cannot be carried forward. It will be automatically forfeited upon completion of a bill cycle. This applies to One Time Data Pass as well.


How can i check how much i have used for mobile internet allocation?

You can check your mobile internet allocation and usages (group level and user line level) via ONEBusiness Hub. For user line, you can also check your Mobile Internet usage via *100#.


Will maxis alert me for my mobile internet allocation usages (group level and user line level)?

Yes, there will be messages sent by Maxis to the Person-in-Charge (PIC) and user lines. The PIC will receive messages either via email or SMS on the group quota status and usages and status of the lines requested for add on or removal. User lines will receive a notification via SMS on the quota limit set by the company, quota balance and usages.


I do not want to receive any promotional SMS notification. How do I cancel it?

Unfortunately, unlike other promotional SMS’ selling services and products, the SMS notification is intrinsically part of the service and cannot be cancelled.


As a Person-In-Charge(PIC) for Maxis FlexiShare, can I control my data allocation of my users?

Yes, you can control and allocate Maxis FlexiShare data allocation with any quota allocation, so long as the total allocated quota is not higher than the total subscribe quota. You can manage this on ONEBusiness Hub. 


What does usage limit mean?

Usage Limit is a limit of data that the company’s Person-In-Charge (PIC) allocates to user lines, once the share line usages hits the usage limit the share line data browsing experience will be throttled.


What is the range of the usage limit setting?

The default usage limit is set at 5GB per line. The company’s Person-In-Charge (PIC) can change each limit to any amount, no lower than 100MB per line and not more than the group total quota.


What will happen if I didn’t set my usage limit for my user lines?

The user line will be set on a default usage limit of 5GB.


I have set a usage limit for my user line, can I increase / decrease the usage limit?

Yes, you can increase or decrease the usage limit of your user line anytime via ONEBusiness Hub.


Can my user lines set or change their own usage limit?

No, only the company’s Person-In-Charge (PIC)  can set the Usage Limit. User lines can only view their usages.


In the event of the sharing Mobile Internet quota being depleted before the end of bill cycle, can all my user lines continue to use the service?

Yes, all your user lines can continue to talk, text and browse the internet but at a reduced speed.


What are the add on options for IDD and Roaming?

For IDD (International Direct Dial), you can either add on the IDD bundle of RM30 per month or pay based on pay-per-use rate. These will be charged by line.

For Roaming, the Data Roam Pass of RM38 per day will be activated automatically whenever the user line travels. Roaming access will be granted upon request by the company’s PIC.


Can I add the Itemized Billing service for my user lines?

Yes, you can add this service by line level. Each line will be charged with an additional RM10 for this service.


Can I subscribe for a supplementary line?

Yes, you can subscribe for a supplementary line, but the line is not able to obtain the shareable data from the FlexiShare data quota.


Does FlexiShare plan come with a minimum term of contract?

Yes, all FlexiShare plans are required to be active for a minimum period of 24 months, either through FlexiFund or Zerolution.



What is FlexiFund?

FlexiFund is a unique feature that provides you a fund pool to allow you to redeem for any devices from Maxis at anytime.


Is there a minimum duration for me to stay to have FlexiFund?

Yes, you are required to continue to subscribe to FlexiShare for a minimum duration of 24 months.


Where can I view and redeem my FlexiFund?

You can monitor your fund, track your device orders or make an order through ONEBusiness Hub.


I am interested. How do I find out more details, such as the fund amount and eligibility?

You can speak to your account managers, visit any Maxis Stores or call to our customer service at 1-800-82-1919 for information & assistance.