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Maxis Business Voice Go


Which are the Business Voice Go plans that are under the promotion?
As part of Maxis BCP offer, customer who signed up for new Business Voice Go lines on these 4 plans are entitled for a 2 months rebate on the monthly recurring charge (MRC), with no commitment required:

  • Voice Go 1
  • Voice Go 5
  • Voice Go Auto-Attendant 5
  • Voice Go Auto-Attendant 10

Kindly note the 2 months free is only applicable for the plan's monthly recurring charge, while usage charge are billable.

When will this promotion ends?
The promotion starts from 15th July and will end on 31st October 2020

What happen when the rebate expires at end of 2 months?
The monthly fee for the respective plan will be charged to customer after the end of the 2 months rebate.

If customer does not wish to continue with the service, customer will need to call 1919 and send in Disconnect Letter Of Request (LOR) to discontinue the service; before the end of the 2 months trial.

Business Voice Go solution FAQ

What is the Maxis Business Voice Go solution?
Maxis Business Voice Go is a special business solution which allows businesses to subscribe for a single virtual number with Special 1700 number or 0X number (fixed line telephone number) and select the desired hunting feature to distribute incoming calls to a group of mobile phone lines - never miss a business call and allows your company calls to be made via your Maxis mobile phone by dialing *9 followed by destination telephone no and same single business number will be shown on the receiving phone.

How does it work?
Voice Go Lite and Voice Go 5 => When someone calls the virtual number, the call will automatically be redirected to the group of mobile numbers which you have saved in the Voice Go web portal.

Voice Go IVR and Voice Go Auto attendant => When someone calls the virtual number, the call will directed to the company greeting which will give you options to select to reach the desired group of mobile numbers which you have saved in the Voice Go web portal.

Can I redirect calls to fixed lines or mobile lines by other service providers?
Call redirection is limited to Maxis mobile numbers only.

What are the other features of this service and how do I manage them?
The service comes with Business Voice Go web portal, an online management portal. Upon subscription of the service, and email and SMS will be sent to your registered Person In Charge (PIC) to provide the Admin ID and password to manage the following:

  • Set and update mobile numbers for call redirection
  • Choose from hunting policies; sequential or simultaneous
  • Assign Voice Go centralized voicemail 789
  • Update IVR and Auto Attendant with pre-recorded company greetings, work and holiday schedule, key pad set up on the company’s departments or locations.
  • Reset password
  • View call logs history for missed calls , received calls and outgoing calls.
  • History logs of the changes done to the web portal.

Click here for the user guide on the Business Voice Go web portal.

Can the virtual number be used for outgoing calls?
Yes, outgoing calls can be made when you save the Maxis mobile number to make outgoing calls on the Voice Go web portal under Outgoing Number Management.

Call recipients will be able to see the virtual number when you include *9 in front followed  by the phone number for outgoing calls (eg.  *90121234567) and this outgoing call will be billed to the Business Voice Go virtual number, under the company’s account.

What is the outgoing call rate?
By default, you can only make outgoing calls to fixed and mobile numbers in Malaysia by adding *9 before the number.

All out-going domestic call rates are at RM0.10 per minute (20 second call blocks) while IDD call rates start at RM0.08 per minute (6 second call blocks) to China Fixed and Singapore. For other IDD destinations and call rates, please click IDD FAQ here.

What is the minimum criteria to subscribe to Maxis Business Voice Go?
Your business must subscribe to at least one Maxis mobile line.

Is my Maxis Business Voice Go subscription subject to any contract period?
Your subscription is not contracted for any minimum period. 

When will my service be activated?
Once your service has been registered, your service will be activated within the day. An email and SMS will be sent to the registered Person In charge from 20010 with Admin ID and Password for the new online management portal. The SMS will be in the following format:

RM0. Business Voice Go:

Your service is now active. Admin ID: PIC_XXXXXXXXXX Pwd:xxxxxxxxxx

To set up, visit https://www.businessvoice.maxis.com.my/voice_go

Please log on to the Business Voice Go web portal,  to change your default password.

For added security, you will also, receive TAC code when you change your password sent to your mobile phone.

Business Voice Go can be accessed at : https://www.businessvoice.maxis.com.my/voice_go/Help/HowtoUse.aspx