Dedicated Internet Access

Get fast, full-time dedicated Internet access for your mission-critical communications.

Uninterrupted Internet connectivity

It’s clear that no online business will be able to operate at an optimal level 24/7 if it's sharing the same Internet connection with the entire workforce. By setting up Dedicated Internet Access, your business will have a high-bandwidth, uninterrupted Internet connection to run your business needs every time.

High-bandwidth applications

Fast and dedicated internet access for mission-critical communications such as video conferences, large file sharing and online transactions. 


Consistent, high-availability internet connection enables an uninterrupted online presence for government agencies, financial institutions, and large MNCs.

Burstable Bandwidth

Enjoy the flexibility to exceed the subscribed bandwidth with a fixed monthly rate for the subscribed bandwidth or an additional rate for usage that exceeds the bandwidth.

Perform a one-time registration to burst up to double the committed subscribed bandwidth & enjoy up to 36 hours of additional bandwidth burst per month (anything beyond that will be charged on a per Mbps basis).

24-hour high-speed internet
Access speed is kept above an agreed minimum level at all times, even during peak periods.

Virtually no downtime
High level of monitoring and built-in redundancies ensures that a downtime rarely happens, if ever.

Various speeds available
Dedicated Internet Access offers a wide range of speeds ranging from 10Mbps onward.

High level of flexibility
As your Internet access is not shared with other users, you have greater flexibility to configure your internal Internet infrastructure to suit your business needs.

Dedicated technical support
Enjoy top-notch customer service from our Customer Care Consultants 24/7.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this service come with SLA?
Yes, the service comes with a minimum SLA of 99.7%.

What is the difference between DIA and Broadband?
 DIA is a dedicated Internet service with a minimum SLA of 99.7% with a bandwidth range of 10Mbps onwards. The service allows you to enjoy the same upload and download speeds.

Broadband is a service that is based on a best effort basis with available speeds of only 30Mbps and 100Mbps. The service offers asymmetric speeds whereby upload and download speeds are different.

What is the penalty for early termination?
You will need to pay for the remaining contract balance. 

How long will the installation usually take?
It will normally take 30 working days.

How do I lodge a complaint if there is a service failure?
You can call our Maxis Toll Free number at 1-800-82-1919 (Business) in the event of a service failure.

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