Domestic Private Leased Circuit (DPLC)

Secure data transfer via uninterrupted,
point-to-point connection.

Secure data transfer via uninterrupted, point-to-point connection

Using the Private Leased Circuit, you can safely share important data; be it voice, video, or documents; through dedicated, point-to-point digital connections within the country. Keep your offices’ or outlets’ network safe from prying eyes and data thieves.

Worry free connectivity

Enjoy 1-to-1 secure & dedicated bandwidth access 24/7 over Maxis' high-performance, state of the art network.

Flexible & scalable

Customise your plan to suit your growing business from 2M onwards with a wide choice of contract terms.

One Stop Shop

We will manage your circuits end-to-end with our team of competent engineers working round the clock at our Network Management Centre to ensure your network is always on.

Always-on Connection

Perfect for high-volume transfers, the dedicated bandwidth enhances the speed of your data transmissions, as well as maximising its security and privacy.

Highly Scalable

Bandwidth capacity can be easily adjusted as required. No physical conversion needs to take place; just reconfiguration. This makes it easy to make changes quickly should your requirements change.

Streamlined Communications

Its high speed supports simultaneous use of bandwidth-intensive applications such as data sharing, VoIP, video streaming, database and real-time collaboration tools.

Dedicated Technical Support

Enjoy top-notch customer service from our technical support experts 24/7.

Customized Options & Flexible Terms

Choice of connectivity over single/multiple connections. Choice of speed from 2M onwards over different access mediums (Fibre or Wireless) with flexible contract terms.



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