Business Telephone Services

Give your business communication network a boost of clarity
with Maxis’ Business Telephone Services.

Delivering the best communications quality for your business

If a large portion of your business is conducted over the phone, take no chances with your office phone connectivity. 
With a clear and dependable connection, our Business Telephone Services offer
Single Line and Multi-Line services to companies of any size.

Following the directive from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), all calls and SMS to Singapore via access code 02 will be no longer be supported effective 31 July 2017. Please use the access code 0065 for calls and SMS to Singapore (e.g. 006512345678). Rates for calls and SMS to Singapore remain. For your convenience, kindly update your contacts now.


Cost Savings

Get 20% discount on all calls to Maxis fixed and mobile lines, and a volume discount from 8-20% on your total bill. 

Enjoy free telephone sets with a one-year warranty for Direct Single Line service. We also provide itemised billing for your local, national, mobile and international calls at no extra charge.

Enhanced Call Clarity

Using digital signal processing technology, you’ll experience crystal clear phone conversations.

Fast Installation & Response

Have your service activated within 24 hours, and report any problems to our Repair Centre by dialing 1202 from your Maxis phone and we’ll rectify it within 24 hours.

Value Added Services

Get additional services such as Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding and Call Barring with Direct Single Line service.


How it works & the required equipment

Business Telephone Services transmits voice over the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) to ensure clarity in all your business calls.

Internal Wiring
The internal wiring set up is required to be completed before you can install the Business Telephone Service.

Telephone System
Ensure that your Key Telephone System and PABX System are in place before connecting the telephone sets.

Additional Features (Optional)

  • Direct Single Line with Call Management Services (Optional): Call Waiting, Call Forwarding (Immediate, Busy, No Reply), Voicemail, 3-Way Calling, Call Barring.
  • Direct Single Line for connection to fax, credit card application and alarm system.
  • Multiple Line Services - Pilot and Hunting facilities and connection to the Key Telephone System or PABX System.

IDD Calls

Calling an international number?

Just dial <00><Country Code><Area Code><Phone No.>