International Toll-Free Services

Give the world a direct number to your business.

Get your own toll-free number, accessible from across the globe

Keep your global network of customers, partners and employees connected with Maxis ITFS (International Toll-Free Service) or Maxis UIFN (Universal International Freephone Number). These two international toll-free voice services will provide callers from other countries with a direct line to your company, with just one number to remember.

The ITFS and UIFN are affordable and easy to set up on your Maxis ISDN PRI phone line; whether single or multiple phone lines.

Keeping your business connected

Connect your global network of customers, partners or employees to contact your company anytime.

Improved cost optimisation

Save costs with our low installation and set-up charges.

High quality calls

Enjoy clear calls from overseas and excellent network quality with Maxis and our network partners.

Increased global presence

Maintain your presence all over the world, as Maxis ITFS is available in 115 countries and Maxis UIFN is available in 49 countries.

Choose a international toll-free voice service

Maxis ITFS
Installation fee
per Number per Telco in Country


Different Toll-Free numbers for different countries

Monthly Rental
(in advance & pro-rated to activation date) 
RM200 per ITFS service 


Maxis UIFN
Installation fee
per Number per Telco in Country


One international Toll-Free number

Monthly Rental

(in advance & pro-rated to activation date) 
RM200 per ITFS service

One Number

Registration Fee
RM800 per Number



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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the available International Tollfree service available?
We offer two types of International Tollfree which are the International Inbound Tollfree service (ITFS) and the Universal International Tollfree Number (UIFN) services.

What is the difference between ITFS and UIFN?
ITFS is an international toll-free service enabling calls originating from a single country to call your company in Malaysia for FREE.

UIFN is a freephone number allowing callers from multiple participating countries to call your company using one unique number.

What is the pre-requisite for subscribing to Maxis ITFS services?
International Tollfree Service is supplementary to Maxis main voice services. You must first be subscribed to ISDN PRI, Multi-Line or Business Voice Enhanced or Business Voice SIP services. These Main Voice Services are subject to availability at Maxis' serviceable locations.

Who needs ITFS services?
Most commonly, call centres or technical support centres. If you're selling products globally, you will also need to provide global support. A toll-free number makes it easy and affordable for your overseas customers to contact you should they need help.

The following are several use cases based on several business scenarios:

Companies expanding overseas: An international toll-free number is a useful tool for your global expansion initiatives.

Multinational companies: Stay connected with your partners and staff who are based in other countries. You can also save on international call charges.

Product testing facilities: Test your products and services in different markets and obtain fast feedback on an international toll-free line.