ONEBusiness VoiceConnect

Enjoy savings with free Maxis-to-Maxis calls and bundled shareable minutes.

Reduce costs with a converged voice and data network

ONEBusiness VoiceConnect is an IP-based fixed voice service that runs on Maxis’ IP-Network Infrastructure and is a fully-scalable, converged network that works for companies of any size. It transmits voice over the internet, removing the need for conventional phone lines.

This solution helps you to save money in several ways: reduced phone line rental costs, free calls to Maxis mobile and fixed line numbers, and free intra-company calls.

Benefits of ONEBusiness VoiceConnect

Up to 40% Savings

Free Maxis to Maxis calls (fixed/mobile), shareable minutes to other networks, and savings on equipment costs.   

Worry-free transition

Experience a hassle-free transition from your current provider, with supported on-site provisioning.

Flexible and scalable

Add as many phone lines as your business requires.

Moving from traditional phone systems to 
ONEBusiness VoiceConnect

Traditional phone systems
  • Cost to maintain multiple dispersed PBX at each branch
  • Cost of PRI Line or Analogue line rental at each branch
  • Calls between branches chargeable
ONEBusiness VoiceConnect
  • Hosted Voice Solution
  • IP Network connecting branch offices
  • Free inter-branch calls
  • Free Maxis to Maxis calls

Here’s what you need for
ONEBusiness VoiceConnect

Maxis IP-Network Infrastructure 
Business VoiceConnect only runs within Maxis IP-Network infrastructures, namely Maxis ONEBusiness Fibre Internet, MPLS and Dedicated Internet Access.

Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA)
Connects traditional analogue telephones, fax machines,
and similar customer-premise devices to a VoIP telephony network.

IP-enabled Analogue phone    
Designed to work with your ONEBusiness VoiceConnect service
to enable calls over the internet.

Find out more about ONEBusiness VoiceConnect

ONEBusiness VoiceConnect

RM25 per line/mth

Comes with ATA box and Analogue phones
Outgoing Call Rates:
All Maxis to Maxis Calls (Fixed/Mobile)
Calls to Other Network Operators

FREE 200 shareable minutes per line

4 sen/min for additional calls to local fixed lines
7 sen/min to any national fixed lines or any mobile lines

Optional Add-ons: 

Professional Pack (RM10/line/mth)

Auto Attendant (Interactive Voice Response) (RM20/line/mth)

Receptionist (RM65/line/mth)


  • If you are looking to obtain 1 to 60 lines for your ONEBusiness VoiceConnect services, you will need to be subscribed to one of our Maxis ONEBusiness Fibre plans.
  • If you are looking for an unlimited number of lines as your company continues to grow and expand, you will need to subscribe to Maxis’s Dedicated Internet Access or Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) services in order to enjoy our ONEBusiness VoiceConnect services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ONEBusiness VoiceConnect?
Business VoiceConnect is a business grade voice service which uses Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology to enable your business to receive phone calls or make outgoing calls through a single converged network.

In what scenario will ONEBusiness VoiceConnect be suitable for my company?
Business VoiceConnect is suitable for customers who are looking for a Business Grade Voice solution that does not require them to purchase and maintain their own telephony system.

Can I connect a splitter to share my credit card terminal and telephone set on the same telephone line (i.e. use same RJ11 port)?
We do not recommend that the credit card terminal and telephone share the same line (or RJ11 port). It is recommended that the credit card terminal use a separate port instead of sharing port with a telephone, to avoid credit card communication interruptions.

Can I use fax services on my Maxis ONEBusiness VoiceConnect line?
Yes, you can. An Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) is required to connect a traditional fax machine to the voice service on an IP Network.

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