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How Bata Used eCommerce to Double Online Sales

How did Bata capitalise on a viral moment to boost sales? Marketing Manager Diana Wong recounts her eCommerce journey with Maxis

Can you provide us with a brief introduction to Bata?
Bata was founded in Zlín, the Czech Republic in 1894 and brought into the Malaysian market in 1935.

What made Bata Malaysia decide that it was time to go online? What were the deciding factors?
Four years ago, we decided that we had to have an eCommerce platform simply because customers around the globe were going online, and the growth of eCommerce was exponential in comparison to traditional brick-and-mortar retail.

How did the Maxis eCommerce team assist Bata?
Maxis designed and built our mobile-optimised website, implemented analytics, and ran ad campaigns to drive more awareness and traffic. We were supported by a team of experienced and passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, including eCommerce, advertising, marketing, and technology.

What are some of the tangible eCommerce benefits you have seen so far?
In 2018, we doubled our online revenue. Bata was able to gain a larger market share today, especially in towns where our stores are not present. Customers are happy as they can find Bata shoes online now. The website acts as an online catalogue and customers who wish to try on shoes prior to purchase can opt to do so at our stores.

With a digital presence, we can respond quickly to what Malaysians get excited about. In May 2018, within two hours of Tun Mahathir being spotted in our Bata sandals, we loaded it onto our eCommerce store, drove ten times more traffic, and sold 2,500 pairs in four days.

What is your advice to other brands embarking on their eCommerce journey?
Businesses must be willing to invest, be it financially or in terms of staff allocation. Patience is important, too, as brands should not expect immediate results. Success in eCommerce can take years to build; hence, it is important to start early.

What made you choose Maxis eCommerce?
The level of passion shown by the Maxis eCommerce team impressed us even before we signed them on. Unlike digital agencies that typically focus mainly on the client’s ad spend, we believe that the Maxis eCommerce team shared the same passion in helping Bata grow its eCommerce and online-to-offline(O2O) business. The team displayed dedication and provided valuable insights on how Bata could improve its overall eCommerce business.

“Within two hours of Tun Mahathir being spotted in our Bata sandals, we loaded it onto our eCommerce store, drove ten times more traffic, and sold 2,500 pairs in four days.”
- Diana Wong, Marketing Manager, Bata

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