Maxis IoT Terminals

Reliable IoT routers combined with our IoT expertise for optimum performance.

Best IoT Performance on the No. 1 4G LTE network

Optimum Performance

Enjoy seamless connectivity & optimum speed on the Maxis LTE network.
Our IoT Terminals are tested & approved for the Maxis network.

Quick and Easy Deployment

IoT Terminals bundled with connectivity for faster deployment.

Maxperts Support

Experience peace of mind with our reliable 24/7 hotline support team.

Single Bill for Device and Connectivity

All your IoT Terminals, connectivity and solutions will be charged under the same bill.

The right IoT Terminal for your business

Teltonika RUT950

Possible use cases:

Retail Kiosk
Point of Sales
Event Sites

Key features:
4 Ethernet ports
Dual SIM and WAN port
Up to 75°C
2 years warranty

Robustel R2000

Possible use cases:

Digital Road Signage
Security Systems

Key features:
2 Ethernet ports
Dual SIM and WAN port
Up to 70°C
2 years warranty