How Your Business can Generate Better Leads With Social Media

schedule 01 Jul 2016


by James Pong | Media & Budget Management Specialist at Maxis


Using social media to enhance your brand isn’t groundbreaking anymore. Here’s what is: Leveraging social media to generate a greater number of more accurate leads.

Unfortunately, most Malaysian businesses aren’t realizing the full potential of social media marketing.
At 59%, Malaysia's social media penetration is one of the best in Southeast Asia, according to global agency We Are Social. And according to a PwC report, almost 70% of Malaysian customers will refer to a brand's social media presence before they decide to make a purchase.

“According to a Wishpond report, 83% of marketers believe that Facebook is an important social channel for their business, and 34% believe that Twitter can generate better leads."

But, only 29% of Malaysian businesses actually use social media to engage with customers online, or have a social media strategy.

The survey also revealed that 57% of Malaysian companies don’t track the impact of social media on sales, sales leads, and email subscriptions.


Social Media Generates Better Leads

When it comes to people-based marketing, social media cannot be ignored. Social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook give your business access to a plethora of data which, if used wisely, can help you generate accurate leads.

Malaysia has more than 13.3 million Facebook users, and over 1.5 million Twitter users. Businesses should think of this as an opportunity to reach out to potential customers through engaging content.

According to a Wishpond report, 83% of marketers believe that Facebook is an important social channel for their business, and 34% believe that Twitter can generate better leads.

For B2B businesses, social media campaigns can help organisations reach out to people who are key decision-makers in organisations.

A report by claimed that 55% of APAC CEOs are actively present on social media platforms. So, if your social media campaign, through engaging content, can narrow-down a company’s CEO as a sales lead, your marketing job is done.

Also, while executing digital marketing initiatives, do not forget LinkedIn. Here is a surprise - the report also claimed that the number of CEOs using LinkedIn has nearly quadrupled since 2012.

The Wishpond report also claimed that 77% of B2B marketers (who use social media) say they have acquired a customer through LinkedIn, and another 40% say they’ve acquired a customer through Twitter.


How Social Media Can Help Generate Better Leads

Now, the question is: How do you execute a social media campaign that generates leads? Here are few ways you can do that using three of the most popular social media channels.

LinkedIn: To help businesses generate leads, LinkedIn offers sponsored updates, that allow companies to promote products in the guise of status updates. These sponsored updates are seen by both your followers and users outside of your follower network. To ensure more leads by engaging customers, your sponsored updates should include visuals and links to content.

Using LinkedIn provide is especially important for businesses. It helps organisations target users according to their job profile, designation, industry, and country.

Twitter: For B2B businesses, Twitter is an important social media channel. It can help businesses engage with potential customers in real-time. Organisations can use paid tweets that appear as ads on a user’s page. This helps target specific customers who might be interested in your products. Your tweets should include engaging offers like free trips to popular business seminars, or links to thought leadership content.

Twitter also provides something called Lead Generation Cards that enables businesses to gather lead information directly from Twitter by using CTAs (call-to-action).

Facebook: What kind of content can help you generate leads on Facebook? Content that has the potential to go viral. But, it’s important to maintain a balance between content that establishes your business as a brand, and that evokes fun and curiosity.

To amplify your lead generation campaigns on Facebook, you should pay to promote your top posts. Also, using strong CTAs on your posts--like attending a webinar, downloading an infographic, or learning about a solution--can enhance lead generation.

Using Facebook Audience Insights is another way business can generate better leads. Here is a video that will help you understand how to go about doing it.

Now you have more reasons to take your business social.


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