How mDrive can Grow Your Business

schedule 01 Sep 2016


by Eric Teh | Product Manager, Enterprise Maxis


If there’s anything that’s defining how technology will shape our future, it’s the Internet of Things (IoT).

Connecting everyday devices to the power of the Internet is creating a world that’s opening up new avenues for innovation. Some of those innovations are taking place in the auto industry. For instance, connected cars are making fleet management more efficient and productive.

Efficient fleet management lowers operational cost and improves fleet visibility. It also makes it easier for companies to maintain vehicles and monitor drivers’ behavior. All of this benefits business immensely.

But how can you get all of this in one device? The answer lies in Maxis’ vehicle tracking device, mDrive. Partnered by Modus, an affiliate of Mega Fortris Group and powered by Maxis, mDrive enables you to locate your vehicles, monitor driving patterns and provide health reports on your vehicle’s condition.

Businesses will also have real-time access to the vehicles’ information via the mDrive MY mobile app, which is downloadable on App Store and Google Play for free. The current location of their fleet can be tracked from the map if a vehicle is being driven or parked. It also comes with a cool geo-fencing feature that lets companies set a geographical boundary and get real-time alerts when a vehicle enters or exits that boundary.

With mDrive, it allows fleet managers to understand the driving behavior of their employees. They are able to set driving limits and know when their employees drive beyond the speed limit, designated kilometers for the day, and even during odd hours.

Businesses that are finding ways to lower operational costs will benefit from this nifty IoT device. There is no complex installation and equipment required – the device is simply plug-and-play!

In this rapidly changing technologically-led world, IoT is reinventing the auto and insurance industry together via insurance telematics and usage-based insurance. Data collected from these IoT-enabled gadgets will be plugged into an intelligent system to run statistical analysis a of a person’s driving behavior.

Insurance companies then assess the data and charge premiums accordingly. For example, lead-foot drivers who habitually brake harshly will be charged a higher insurance premium compared with drivers who practices defensive-driving and has a smoother driving pattern.

There’s no doubt that mDrive is an investment worth making to get a holistic view of your business fleet and set your vehicle tracking process on the right track and take your business further. Speak to a Maxis Business consultant today!


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