Electrifying The Future: How Senheng Is Using eCommerce To Drive Towards RM1B Revenue Online & Offline

schedule 19 Feb 2019

by Jaymie Ho | Maxis eCommerce Marketing & Community Champion

An interview with June Tai, Head of Marketing - Senheng

Where was Senheng’s first retail outlet? How have you grown since then?
Senheng Pandan Jaya was our first Senheng store that was established back in 1989. Today, we have more than 100 stores nationwide. 

What is Senheng’s main goal for growing in the online space?
We wanted to offer a consistent brand and shopping experience for our customers. We noticed that while footfall is falling at the physical stores, online traffic is growing significantly. 

What is Senheng’s challenge in the online space? 
At the beginning, going online took a lot of convincing as we were taking a step back from traditional media. We were initially very concerned if we would be able to reach out to the rural areas but digital marketing today has allowed us to execute targeted ads within specific locations in those areas. 

How did you manage the competition between online and physical store? 
Now, eCommerce does not mean the end of brick and mortar retail. In a typical customer journey, the customer can choose to search for our products through our webpage or they can choose to experience the product in our physical stores. 

“For the 11:11 campaign in 2018 we did 80% better than the previous year. So basically eCommerce has been key in helping us drive towards that 1 billion ringgit revenue overall for online and offline” - June Tai

What is your advice for other brands wanting to go online?
Don't be afraid to make the first step. Most companies are always concerned about ROI. Businesses must understand that they need to invest in technology, systems and solutions to see the results. With the start of Senheng eCommerce journey in 2017, the results started picking up within 6 months after our initiative. 

Why Maxis eCommerce and how did it help Senheng? 
The Senheng webstore was built by the Maxis eCommerce team and it is fully integrated with a logistics and payment system that is currently housing more than 2,000 products. Recently, we have also engaged Maxis for SEO solutions to drive more organic traffic to our site. 

Why Maxis eCommerce? 
Maxis was able to provide us with detailed insights of our SEO performance and presented us the key areas for improvement. They eventually gained our trust in their expertise.


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