Slow Juicing For Fast Growth: How Kuvings Sold Their First Juicer Online Within 24 Hours Of Launching Their Webstore

schedule 19 Feb 2019

by Jaymie Ho | Maxis eCommerce Marketing & Community Champion

An interview with Alex Shiew, Operations Director - Kuvings Malaysia

What is your role at Kuvings Malaysia? 
I oversee a little bit of everything from logistics to marketing to sales and everything else in between. 

Can you tell us more about your latest product, which is the IOT Juicer?
Our latest IOT juicer is an extremely special juicer. It’s a juicer that can read your BMI, BMR, muscle mass and fat mass. It shows you this information through an app on your phone. 

What is the purpose of the Kuvings Malaysia Facebook group? 
The Kuvings Malaysia Facebook group is currently the most powerful way for us to engage with our customer base online. Members of the group are encouraged to share recipes, helpful tips, trouble shooting, problem solving and any activities and information to promote the practise of juicing towards a healthy lifestyle. 

What made Kuvings decide that it was time to go online? What were the deciding factors? 
When Kuvings launched in 2013, we already had an online store albeit not a very good one. We just knew it was time and we wanted to invest to make it better. Generally speaking, we have a wide variety of customers from all age groups and we really wanted to focus on actually appealing to the younger crowd a little bit more.

“We sold our first juicer within the first 24 hours of going online“- Alex Shiew

What was Kuvings’ main goal for growing in the online space? 

We set our first target to get 10% of our total sales online. It was a pretty ambitious target but we also believed that if we worked hard, we could make it happen. 

How has eCommerce spurred the growth of Kuvings’ business so far? 
eCommerce has allowed us to reach new and potential customers, and also allowed us to speak to our existing customers. Younger people don’t really hangout in shopping malls anymore, so we needed to build a place where they can hangout which is a place on their phones, laptops and tablets. 

What solutions did the Maxis eCommerce team provide to Kuvings? 
Maxis helped us build a webstore, and now they helped us with the digital advertisements and the analytics solution for the webstore. 

What do you like most about the Maxis eCommerce solution? 
They made our lives much easier for us as they had a dedicated eCommerce team that allowed us to make quicker decisions and we became extremely decisive when making business decisions. It freed me and the rest of the team up in order for us to be fully focused on everything else that is offline.

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