How can I enable my employees to work productively in and out of the office?

Maxis Mobile Workforce can help your employees work efficiently and securely anytime, anywhere with the right mobility solutions. 

Redefine working on-the-go with efficient and
secure platforms

ONEBusiness Flexi


A flexible plan which provides unlimited calls, SMS & shareable data which can be optimised amongst your employees. Plus, you can add on more lines as your business grows.

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Managed Mobility

A smart solution that allows you to simplify management of mobile devices, distribution of business apps and protect the access to your corporate network and secure your company’s data.

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Zerolution360 for Business

Enjoy the latest enterprise-grade devices at no upfront cost with yearly device upgrades, comprehensive device protection and fully managed service.

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An easy-to-use workforce management solution to digitalise forms, assign and monitor your employee's tasks, and keep track of your staff’s attendance & location in the field.

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Watch how we helped one of our customers manage thousands of data sources 


Why use Mobile Workforce?

Maximum Mobility
Flexibility to work anywhere with data that is always accessible through enterprise-grade devices.

Trusted Security 
Data stays safe and secure on all devices. Trace devices easily through location settings.

One-Stop Service
Seamless experience with just one service provider.

Efficient Management
Manage work smoothly by delegating & monitoring tasks even when employees are on the move.

No upfront payment needed for devices, mobile lines, security & workforce management software.


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