Maxis Secure Mobile

Protect and secure all your mobile devices from
mobile threats with an advanced threat detection solution.

Benefits of Maxis Secure Mobile 

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Defend your employee's mobile devices against threats at the device, network & application level with Artificial Intelligence (AI).



Gain in-depth insights into the mobile threats faced by the mobile devices that are used by your employees to access your company's documents or networks.

Managed Service

Managed Service

Addresss cybersecurity skill gaps with guided deployment and operation support from Maxis.

Protect your business from various mobile security threats

Why do you need comprehensive protection for your mobile devices

A mobile device is the window to the personal and corporate data & network as most of your employees have: 

  • Private and sensitive data such as emails, apps, photos, contacts and messages on their devices.

  • Access to your company's email, intranet, customer database, and sensitive documents on their devices.

Hackers can compromise a company network or data centre through a mobile device.

Mobile security threats

  • Network Threats 
    Rogue Wi-Fi and man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • Device Threats
    OS Exploits and malicious profiles.

  • App Threats
    Malware and leaky apps.

  • Phishing Threats
    Fraudulent attempts to obtain sensitive information especially usernames & passwords with a fake website.

Implications of not having the right protection

  • Corporate espionage.

  • Leakage of company and customer information.

  • Breach of company network.

  • Damage to brand and reputation.

How does Maxis Secure Mobile work to protect mobile devices


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