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Maxis Business provides complete solutions that are industry specific for better business outcomes,
keeping you ahead of the digital curve.

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How can we keep in touch with nature while nurturing customer growth?

The answer is ONEBusiness Smart.

How can we ensure the data accuracy of 18,000 sources?

The answer is Maxis Mobile Workforce.

How do we ensure our 16,000 partner restaurants get more food orders fast? 

The answer is Maxis IoT. 

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ONEBusiness Fibre

Now with superfast speeds of
up to 800Mbps, always on internet,
and up to 40% off your phone bill
when you get a fibre plan with
enterprise-grade IP voice.

Find answers to your biggest questions on trends,
technology, and transformation and chart a roadmap
to tangible results for your business.

ONEBusiness Flexi

The most flexible business plan
for your company.

ONEBusiness Voice

A range of internet-based fixed voice solutions
that runs on your ONEBusiness Fibre connection
to help your business save up to 40% of your
fixed phone bill.

Exclusive Ambank Group
& Maxis Biz Offer

Grow your business with the best
business-grade connectivity and
financial services offer.

Business Insights

Transform your business with our
latest insights and ideas on technology.

Why Maxis?

A future-ready network

Whatever your business needs, our state-of-the-art network will help you innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

Dedicated support

No IT expertise? No worries. We offer fully-managed solutions so you can capitalize on new technologies with ease.

Best-in-class solutions

Solve your mission-critical business challenges with our digital solutions developed in partnership with Cisco, Vodafone, Microsoft, and other technology leaders.