How can we turn objects into intelligent assets?

Maxis IoT Connectivity will transform physical objects into intelligent assets that can turn data into actionable insights.

What is the Internet of Things

When ‘things’ or assets, such as vehicles, signboards, cold storage units or industrial machines are connected to a network and are able to send
and receive data about temperature, weight, location or other factors — this ­is known as Machine to Machine (M2M). 

And when these machines or assets have the intelligence to communicate with each other and update central management systems autonomously in real time, we then call this the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT can help you to create new business opportunities, boost industry productivity, and deliver greater security to your business. Maxis, in partnership with Vodafone, brings you the combined benefit of the world’s best IoT technology and experts.

Watch how Maxis IoT can help your business

Benefits of Maxis IoT Connectivity for your business

Fit for Purpose

  • Designed for your business needs. 
  • Ability to integrate with your existing system.
  • Real-time monitoring for control and visibility.

Worry-Free With Predictable Cost

  • Widest connectivity across Malaysia and neighbouring countries.
  • Future-proof your IoT investments. 
  • Plan and budget accurately.


Secure By Design

  • Multiple layers of security for your business.
  • Manage risks through controlled access.
  • Data privacy assured.


Get started with the Maxis IoT Trial Pack today

Experience IoT on your devices and applications for 30 days

You will have ample time to experience Maxis' IoT solutions by testing your devices and applications with our solutions for up to 30 days.



You will be provided SIM cards to enable the provision of the IoT Services throughout the trial period.

Gain visibility and control over your IoT Connectivity with Maxis Managed Connectivity Portal

Monitor and manage all your connectivity from one
portal. Data gathered from the M2M sensors are securely transmitted to a backend server which can be retrieved from the portal to enable real-time monitoring and management of all your connectivity.

Do you want to find out more about  Maxis IoT Connectivity?

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